How To Help People With Your Intuition

  • How To Help Others with Your Intuition

As you know, recently I started offering intuitive sessions. It was as a result of a very unexpected guidance, and despite all fear I decided to give it a try. And it ended up being so incredibly easy!

I expected having to do a lot of concentrating, a lot of applying special techniques I’d have to learn, a of of trying. And it ended up being just the opposite of that.

I had this one silly thought in my head that was my key to freedom from overthinking it and success. The thought was

“What if all that energy, all that information I keep feeling around people, is actually true and what is going to give people guidance?”

I scheduled my first session with my dear friend, whom I trusted dearly, and decided to blindly believe in this wild idea, and just go with it. To all my awe and surprise, it was actually true. When I tuned into his energy field ( something I was doing anyway as an empath all my life) the answers for him just started flooding my awareness. I “knew” everything for him on such deep level, I never really had to mentally process it. I never felt the need for it to make sense, and in this state of deep alignment with this information coming for him, it did not ever seem necessary.

He loved his session, it was incredibly helpful for him, and for me it was like a wink from the Universe. A lot of my thoughts and feelings that I have had for years have been validated, and I was ready to take on this new task the Divine had for me. So I dove into these sessions head on.

Also, I should mention, when I first got the message to offer these intuitive readings, I was absolutely blank on the topic. I had no idea how to derive information for anyone else, I barely could get guidance for myself. And the message I got for that was

“Clarity will come in the process.”

And, indeed, it did. And is still coming more and more.

Since it was so easy for me to tap into this stream of information for others, I decided why not share my thoughts on it with others, sensitive like me. I know that there are a lot of people out there who have been on the spiritual path for some time now, who have always felt like intuition was their strong quality, and may be were wondering if they could use this gift to help other people. Or that they have been always doing it unconsciously? Or that they have heard the call as well to help, but have absolutely no idea how.

In this video I want to share with you my thoughts on how the intuitive process in helping others works.

My thoughts are key words in that sentence. I do not claim to be any sort or expert on any of this, and, in fact, it can all be wrong, but it has worked for me, and has made sense for me, and therefore I want to share it with you. May be it will help you too.

What I found, is that to help people with your intuition you need two components:

Feeling People’s Energy (absolutely everybody has this ability, we just do it unconsciously a lot of the times.) What I am talking about is that “vibe” that every person exudes.

Holding The Void. Or cultivation of stillness within that holds that empty space for more information and more energy to come flooding in.

And that is really it. These two components are what makes these intuitive sessions possible for me. But more on this and my “geography of the void” in the video.

Enjoy, share with others, and let me know if you have any other tips on how to help people with your intuition. I’d love to talk to you and hear your feedback in the comments.

Also, since I have been posting about the intuitive sessions I am offering online, I have seen so much interest from others to practice their gifts as well. For that we got together and created a closed Facebook Intuitive Practice Group. So if you are one of us who wants to try and help others with your gifts, you can find some understanding and tips (and guinea pigs) in our group.

I hope it serves you. <3

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