What If I Don’t Have A Purpose? …And Practical Tips To Find It

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This is such a common question in the Starseed community .. and in the world at large. So many people go about their lives, achieving everything society told them will bring happiness and fulfillment to only stop and ask :

Is that it?

Is this all there is to life?

What about that power of huge potential I have always felt?

What about my feeling that I have come to do something important? Where does that go?

When and how do I start living that?


What I have discovered in my own journey, and also by helping hundreds of people in my intuitive sessions, is that this thought is very common among Starseeds at this time, and it also comes at a very special time in your path. It comes right before a major breakthrough. It might come numerous times in your life, as you long to fulfill yourself and the energy that you are more and more. But here is the vision that I have of how it happens and why we feel this way at times.

If you would imagine a membrane that you need to break through in order to reach the next level of clarity or knowing and feeling your purpose (and actually living it). On the other side of the membrane the energy of your mission has a (+) charge. The closer you get to the membrane, the more the (+) charge on the other side of it and the (-) charge on your side get activated, so the more intense you feel the (-) charge on your side. It’s like they start vibrating faster and “louder” as they approach each other to break through the membrane and become one. Therefore, you feel the lack of your mission manifest in your life at this moment that more intensely.

In this video I share with you my insight and channeled guidance that came in countless sessions regarding the aspect of living one’s purpose and what it generally is: energetically and physically. I also share amazing practical tips on how to find and live your purpose, even if you currently might feel you do not have one.

This video is so feel good!


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I hope it was helpful to you on your journey to the fullest embodiment of your true self and your fullest fulfillment.
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Love, Katya Turner <3

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