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Have questions about sessions? Check out this list of frequently asked questions to assist you.


Q: How do I book a session?

A: Go here  or click a YES! Gimme my session black round button on the top right, and it will take you to my Genbook profile where you can see dates and times available and pick the one that works for you. Make sure to follow through all the steps until getting your confirmation email to get your session booked. If you abandon the process half-way, you will have to restart booking, as the program only holds space for you for 5 minutes.


Q: Should I come prepared with a list of questions?

A: Yes, it is definitely better for you to outline for yourself what you are intending to take out of our session, what areas of your life might need help, although it is not required.


Q: What if I don’t have any questions?

A: Totally cool! Your Higher Self knows what you need, and will always provide you with the higher perspectives and loving guidance that brings clarity, inspires and motivates. I meditate for each person before every session, and the majority of the time your Higher Self shows up to connect then and gives a hefty blocks of information and practical tools then. So having a list of questions is not required, but having a belief that what comes is for you and by you and for your highest good, is wonderful.


Q: Can I get a recording of our session?

A: Yes! I have a capability to record Skype calls and phone calls (not Viber), so if having a recording of your session is important to you, please choose phone or Skype as your session vehicle.


Q: When can I have a recording of my session?

A: I send out the recordings the next day, as it takes a while to upload large video files.


Q: How does a recording file arrive to me?

A: I send you a Dropbox link to download your file from. Please make sure to download the file to your computer or add to your Dropbox, instead of keeping it in the same folder for replay. I delete these files from my Dropbox folder after a month.


Q: How do we connect?

A: We can connect via phone, Skype or Viber. Make sure to add me prior to the session. My Skype name is Katya Turner (Fayetteville, AR) , and the picture will always be the same as my Facebook photo. (Katya Turner at www.indigodiaries.com)


Q: What if I am overseas?

A: We should be able to connect via Skype or Viber, regardless our location. Let me know if these apps are available in your country and me and my team will find another solution for our session.


Q: Should I email you my session questions?

A: No, just have them handy for the session itself. When I meditate prior to the session, I see if any information wants to come through “without context”, without me knowing anything about you and your situation, and if Spirit has any information and insight for you. A lot of the the times some or all of your questions will be answered in this portion of the session. If not, there will always be time to get to your questions during the session.


Q: Can I text you my question ? 

A: I do not accept and reply to any communication via my personal phone number unless it is during our session. 


Q: What if we don’t get to all of my questions?

A: While I would love to answer all of your questions in one sitting, sometimes it is not physically possible to do in an hour. My tip: prioritize them prior to the session so that we for sure get to the most important ones.


Q: What if we don’t go through all the “pre-loaded” material that came in for me?

A: Sometimes we might get caught up in discussing all Spirit had for you as we go, and we don’t get to the end of the pre-loaded info. In that case I will email you all the notes I took down during my meditation for you.


Q: Does it happen that nothing comes prior to the session?

A: Yes, it does. Sometimes your Higher Self will explain that you are seeking more “tech support” as I call it – my experience with dealing with same issues, how I got through them, what I have learned, practical tips I have for you. Sometimes your Higher Self will make it a point that you need to express your questions before I can channel an answer for you. In any case, what comes or does not come, is always precisely what you need in the moment, and I trust spirit fully in bringing or not bringing any messages in advance.


Q: What languages do you speak?

A: I speak English and Russian (while also trying to utter something in Italian 🙂 ) but conduct sessions in English and Russian.


Q: What is our time difference ?

A: I am located in North America Central Time zone, and it is your responsibility to calculate the time difference between us and show up for your appointment. Here is a handy converter you can use.


Q: What if something happens last minute and I can not attend the call?

A: In that case, I will email you the meditation notes if anything came in “pre-loaded”.


Q: Can I cancel our session?

A: Absolutely! Although the cancellation policy is 48 hrs for you to cancel free of charge.


Q: Should I record the session?

A: While I will be recording our call on phone or Skype and will provide you with a recording, I suggest you make notes during our session anyway. Technology is a tricky thing, and once in a blue moon it malfunctions. If it does, I will still be able to email you my meditation notes, but there might be different points in the session that will be important to you, that I always encourage you to take down. This method never fails 🙂


Q: Can my husband/friend/colleague also have a session with you?

A: Absolutely! I would like to be of service to them as well. Send them this link , and they will be able to book from there.


Q: What happens to all the information after the session?

A: I respect your privacy and never share any of the information that came in for you with anyone, unless you instruct me to in writing. I store session files for you to have access for them, should you lose the ones I sent you, but you and me are the only people accessing these files. I also never discuss our reading with anyone.


Q: What if I have more questions for you after the session ? Can I email those to you and get a reading over email? 

A: I do not reply to email reading requests, and the only intuitive guidance I provide is during a session. If you find that you need more guidance to achieve desirable level of clarity, my advice would be to book one more session. 


Q: I LOVED our session, where can I leave feedback?

A: After the session I send you the feedback request email with a link you can follow to leave me a testimonial. You can also post to my Facebook wall  or send me a direct email and I will make sure to add your feedback to my site. All you kind words are greatly appreciated by me and those who come to me after you.


Q: I LOVED our session and your vibe! Can we work on projects together?

A: Totally! I love collaborating with like-minded souls. Please, send all your collaboration requests to my email katya@indigodiaries.com


Q: Still have questions? 

A: Email me at katya@indigodiaries.com I check my email twice a day, so if you don’t have a response the same day, you will sure have it the next day.