How To Find Yourself Again

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Hi friends <3

Today I want to talk about something that is so so very common during this Ascension process. Something we all struggle with over and over again. Something that is necessary for the process. I am talking about loosing ones identity, loosing the sense of self.

How many times throughout this journey you stopped to think: I don’t even know who I am anymore.

You looked in the mirror and were not sure who you saw there. You were not sure what you liked and disliked anymore. What was the direction you were going. You felt suspended, unsure, lost in your own self. You looked back to who you used to be and missed that confidence you used to have, that knowing, that feeling of being sure of who you are and feeling the power of that. Even though you knew there was much trauma and unconscious influences guiding your life back then, you still kind of missed it, as back then you felt sure in who you are. And now you don’t.

We all went through these feelings over and over again, and still do. Just when we thought we finally had connected to self, made another shift, we got lost again. We changed again. And again. And again. And chances are, if you are reading this blog, you are right there now. Feeling lost and not even sure how you lost  the sense and power of SELF through this process.

I have been there myself multiple times, and the last time it happened it was especially sucky. I felt so sad and upset, I felt like I lost myself to this process of Ascension, to my world of children, family, work, whatever else. And I had no idea how to find myself again.

The only intuitive hits I kept getting combined with numerous signs was that I REALLY needed to get out of the house. I did not want to, but I felt like it was time. I have been in the hermit stage for a while now, and even though I had an active online presence and communicated with a lot of newly found friends online, I had no actual life at all. And I knew that the message was strong: I needed to start getting out of the house and getting to know myself again through my interaction with outside world.

And I started doing just that, and yes, indeed, it helped A LOT. I am still in this process of finding my power again, but I can definitely suggest you to do the same if you are feeling like you have lost yourself and your power. It has helped me so far to start having a life outside of home, and it feels a lot empowering actually. Even though we might think that we would be getting out of the house into this matrix full of people we can not relate to, I can assure you that this time your experience will be a different one. You will start enjoying yourself in the matrix again, as now you will not be affected by it, but you will be the one affecting it. Simply because it is time. Just like it was once time to start sharing who you really are, and we were all scared thinking that people would think we were crazy, scared that people would leave us, abandon us, but what happened instead was we found our soul tribe, we created communities, we found our voice and our power. Because it was time.

Then something else happened that helped me connect to myself in such a beautiful way, helped me touch who I am, find my intention for this life, find sincere joy of every moment. And I want to share this tool with you today so that you can experience the same and find your power again. And mainly find your SELF again. Find your core. One evening I experienced a PROFOUND shift guided by my higher self that I describe in this march energy update video. My Higher Self basically prompted a quick visualization for me that has changed everything. How I experience my life, how I process events around me. It has lifted the quality of my life to such a level of freedom and joy, and mostly to feeling like home. Feeling like I am bringing my home closer and closer to me. It has allowed me to finally untether from managing everybody else’s happiness ans start living my life. Start genuinely having fun every day.

And after seeing the power of impact that visualization had on me I knew it could help so many of you guys. So here it is, exactly how my Higher Self has guided me through it, in the form of a guided meditation. Enjoy <3



This little visualization has helped me find myself again, find the core of who I am and start finally living from there, owning my power, enjoying my life. And I am hopeful it can do the same for you. Let me know if it helps you down in the comments and if you have any other strategies on how to find yourself again, let’s share them with each other in the comments. You can also download this guided meditation for free here.

In the mean time, like this video, share it with your friends, have a private session with me and join me on the live Ascension Mastery call this Saturday.

Have a happy Monday!

Love, Katya.

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