BALANCE – How We Find It By Making Mistakes

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Greetings, tribe <3 Today I want to touch on a very interesting and tricky (seemingly) subject – balance. How do we find this fabled golden middle?

It is actually quite simple.

I was on the quest for balance for so many years, especially during my Ascension process. And up until very recently I was clueless on how to find it. It was like finding the Unicorn, actually, no – Unicorn would be easier, as my third eye is pretty open 🙂

And one day I finally reached the clarity of the subject, and the answer to my seeking yielded so much freedom, so much weight lifted off my shoulders.

The only way to find balance, is to find both extremes first.

Think of it, just like in geometry, you can not possibly find the middle until you find both opposite ends. It is no different in our daily lives. You can not accurately measure balance, until you know what both sides of the feeling have and how far do they go.

For instance, a lot of people are seeking a work vs live balance. In order to establish where the desired balanced state is, one need to first venture off to working too much, and w=find exactly where that breaking point is, where personal life no longer fits in. Similarly, afterwards, one will examine how far can they push into personal life until they see that the work life is suffering. Then and only then is one able to see where balance between the two really is.

Here is another example: personal boundaries. One can not establish boundaries with which he is truly fully connected, until he reaches the limit, the breaking point (or a specific level of discomfort rather – each person has their own) where he decides to examine the other and. So first he would see how open can he keep the boundaries before the established level of discomfort at which he says “no more” can be reached. Then, he would see how closed and rough can he keep them while still maintaining the desired level of connection, and where is that point where boundaries no longer allow connection. After examining both ends of the possibilities, he is able to determine where balance is.

Here is a very important point which arises out of this observation.

In order to feel the end of the spectrum on either side, one must be willing to feel uncomfortable. As that is how we determine the end, the extreme. In our mind’s terminology it can also be viewed as a fuck-up, a mistake.

So in order to find balance, one must be willing to fuck up, to make mistakes, as that is really the only way to find it.

Hence, making “mistakes”, feeling off, feeling uncomfortable, feeling pushed to the limit is the ever-present part of our journey. Without it, we could never find true peace, true alignment. So try looking at your life as a playground, rather than a test, then balance can be found faster and easier than ever.

What are your thoughts on balance and how do you find it in your lives? Share with me in the comments below.

Love, Katya <3


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