Hi guys, today I want to talk about such a hot topic. Massive integration that leaves a lot of us confused, worried, lacking clarity and direction.

Over the last couple of months a lot of bizarre things have been happening with so many people. And a lot refer to it as “ I feel like I am moving backwards. Regressing. Going back in time to my old life”. Oh my, I get you! In so many ways I am right with you.

Lately we have been noticing so many of the old elements of our life and ourselves come back. Old jobs, people, relationship patterns, life cycles. We find ourselves in situations we have lived out before, we are guided in the same scenarios, places, activities. We pick up old habits, hobbies. And with all that, every other day we feel like we wake up in another part of our old life. Living the same feelings, the same ascension symptoms, feeling the same physically, looking for the same answers as before.

Are we regressing? Are we becoming less aware, less spiritual, less ascended? I don’t think so.

What I feel like is happening ever since May this year, and is in full bloom now, is a MASSIVE INTEGRATION that is sweeping all over the Lightworker community. We are literally integrating all the versions of ourselves we have ever been into ONE. THE ONE.

You ten years ago getting a divorce, you just waking up to the power of your true self, you being at your best and highest a couple of years ago, and you being in the deepest depth of your despair just months ago.

Personally, I am experiencing the same. I started smoking again ( random! ), all of a sudden I am working on a collaboration with Basmati.com creating a video course for natural pregnancy ( I haven’t touched that topic since mid 2015 and now I find it interesting again and that I have much more to say there). I am picking up my work with purpose calls, helping people develop their intuitive abilities, working on a school project in Ukraine, working at a restaurant and doing graphic design all at the same time. I feel like my pre-USA self, childhood self, ascension-just-kicking-in self, dark-night-of-the-soul self, super-high-vibe-all-natural-vegan self, all at the same time. Fusing and melting together into One, dissolving last bits of resistance to the natural flow. I am a mom and my college self at the same time. I am a wife and my 16 year old self. I even started drinking coke the other day ( haven’t had a sip for YEARS ) and felt like I was actually enjoying it.

And resistance from our mind is quite natural. First of all, we are now called to release all judgement we hold towards things we have “got rid of” while ascending. But also, we wake up one day feeling a certain way, and we notice specific themes and scenarios playing out, we start noticing where and how the momentum is flowing. Next day, though, none of that applies. You feel like a different aspect of you is in the forefront, and you see the scenarios take a different turn developing in another direction.

How exquisite is this trust fall test? It can not get any more random and confusing, yet we are asked to take our hands off the steering wheel completely and trust blindfolded. The other day my guides showed me this one song that is soooo on point here ( I wonder do these people know, and I mean really know, what they are channeling while writing these songs? )



And if our mind has a hard time letting go and finding a space of trust, we find ourselves quickly spiraling down into the negative vibes, unearthing such thought patterns we thought we got rid of a LONG time ago. It’s like we are INSTANTLY burned by the low vibes, our being can no longer survive there. Hence the only option is to find more ways to get out of negative thinking, refocus, ground yourself and find that trust in your guidance. Even when you do not feel it slightly.

Intense stuff, but all aspects of us have to be cross-checked, cross-referenced, fused together in order for us to INTEGRATE fully. And my personal advice would be to focus on the way you are being guided ( positive synchronicities, signs ), use every trick you know to keep your mind positive, focus on your vision ( what you want in life – separate blog coming about this ) and let go of the need to understand the bizarre. Just take your hands off the steering wheel and let your HS guide you into your fullest integration.

I am really curious to hear about your experiences in the last couple of months and how you are keeping yourself “high” through this. Let’s talk in the comments!

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Exciting stuff !!! Hope you are all doing well. See you in the next blog.

Love, Katya Turner