Feel The Hate, But Define What You Want

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In December energy update we have talked about a theme of a new life that so many of us are living. It feels like we are starting over, again, in every area of our lives. It feels like we have been reborn onto this planet this year, but a planet that is home to a world we would never choose for ourselves. Where systems are backwards, where people don’t live in their own truth, where the power of illusion and ego is weighing heavily on everyone who is greatly asleep to that very fact. And we look around, and we despise it all. In so many areas that make up our life do we want to set a dynamite to it all and rebuild it all in a way that feels right and true to us. Because we can not handle living a lie anymore. We HAVE to live in truth. Otherwise there is no point in being here.

In this video I address our feelings of irritation, anger, rage that might come up as a response to it all, but then I offer you a mind trick that has changes my life in many ways. And that defining what you DO want and how you DO want to feel right after you point something out that you do not like. It is simply training your mind to ask you a questions every time you hate something ” Well, what DO I want instead? How DO I want it to be / feel / look like to live in my world, in my truth? ”



This little mind exercise can help you manifest your 5D world faster, from inside your heart out to the physical, as the more you go to that feeling of rightness in your heart and DEFINE it, the more you will be in the point of attraction to receive it, the faster you will bring it about.

I hope it helps, enjoy!

<3 Katya

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