Fear Of Interacting With Family After Awakening

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Hi tribe <3

Today I want to talk about one interesting subject that touches every single person during their spiritual awakening. It is all the uncomfortable feelings around our interactions with family. It might be fear, apprehension, tension, resistance, anger, anxiety to just name a few. And all of them, let me assure you, are absolutely normal.

As we go through the process of illuminating all the unconscious baggage we have accumulated over the years, we will inevitably uncover childhood traumas, suppressed feelings of anger, resentment, grief. We remember unpleasant interactions with family members that have left deep wounds in our emotional body. We uncover repressed memories of abuse, physical and emotional. We remember and are asked to re-integrate all those painful experiences that were just too much when we were children.

On top of that, we are asked to erase all the limiting programming that was relentlessly pounded into us over the years, all the beliefs that consequently formed our self-image, beliefs about self and the world. And so much more.

And this process causes us to really look at the “source” of the trauma. At our relationships with our primary caregivers. It can be a very very painful process in its own, and causes a lot of people to distance themselves from their families for a while.

And even after we have gone through the process of emotional re-integration, after we haev forgiven and forgotten, we still experience this apprehension about being around our family members. And what happens after?

The discomfort of squishing ourselves in the box of what our family wants to see us as becomes greater than our fear of making them uncomfortable with our truth. And that is when we feel the shift from fear to POWER.

In this video I tell you my story of transformation from fear to finding my inner power trough allowing myself to be fully myself around my family. I hope it helps you along your journey of discovering and fully integrating your authentic self and reaping all the amazing benefits of doing so.



Enjoy, and let me know what you think in the comments. Also like this video, share it with your friends and in your online communities, have a private session with me while they are still available, and watch out for my announcement of the #PurposeCalls in February.

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