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This call is great for those of you who have been trying to express yourself in various ways, but find results inconsistent or unclear. If you have been living your purpose, and all of a sudden feel that it is no longer inspiring, or nothing seems to work as it used to. Or you feel that you are being re-directed but have no clue how. Or if you have technical questions on how to best share the love that you want to bring to the world.

During this call we cover topics like how to stay inspired, motivated and in touch with your guidance throughout your journey. How not to get frustrated with twists and turns of the path and how to navigate business world in current 5D energies. I will give you plenty practical tools that you can use to stay inspired, motivated, organized, as well as answer your questions: both personal and general.

Here are some of the topics that I will cover:

  1. How self-expression is only about you and your energy, and why is it so important to express yourself
  2. What happens if you do not answer inspired ideas and do not move this energy through you
  3. How to stop looking for support and validation outside of yourself
  4. How to pick a vessel for your purpose
  5. How to show up for your purpose in the middle of crazy Ascension Symptoms
  6. How to show up for your life purpose in the middle of Dark Night Of The Soul / Depression
  7. How to deal with the discomfort of being re-directed
  8. How to step away from your purpose when needed ( and when it is needed)
  9. How and why to serve yourself FIRST
  10. How to transcend the resistance to learn
  11. How to learn to fail and make mistakes without losing your passion and enthusiasm
  12. How to keep your sanity when nothing is happening
  13. How much to charge? And how to align with charging for your work altogether?
  14. How to make friends with negative feedback
  15. How to erase the framework of competition
  16. How self-love and purpose are interconnected
  17. Abundance ( how and why remove blocks to receiving or it will hinder your growth in your purpose)
  18. How your health and your purpose are connected
  19. How eating better food is good for your purpose
  20. How New Earth business creates itself, and your job is just to follow
  21. How energy is more important than any strategic plan you can develop

… and so so much more information on marketing, branding, and technical side of things. WOW 🙂

I can not wait to help you find that fire and all the resources you already have within you to get in the flow of your purpose immediately!


*All the live calls will be hosted via Zoom. If you plan on attending from your phone, download Zoom App prior to the call. After you purchase you admission ticket, you will receive a confirmation email. The night before the event you will receive a separate email with links and numbers to join: whether you will choose to call in, or join via app or from your computer. All the information on how to join the online meeting will be in that email. Should you have any questions, please email them to me at katya@indigodiaries.com.