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This live call is going to be perfect for those of you who have a good idea of what you are being called to do, you have concrete visions, inspirations, but have no idea how to get yourself out there. How to spread your message.

What I have found in my work, both in advertising and marketing, and my intuitive work now, is that there is a very fine line between following the pull of energy that is guiding you in a specific direction and forcing it.

On this call I will share with you all I know about gracefully surfing this line, as well as share all my insight and experience about:

  • how to get yourself out there
  • content creation
  • target audience. Do we need to have an idea of our target customer in mind? And how it appears.
  • where to share my message
  • having a marketing vision
  • how to have a loose plan and not let it restrict the free flowing energy
  • how to open a website / blog
  • how to brand myself
  • how to promote yourself with virtually no money
  • why and how sincere sharing and giving value to others is your best strategy

and so much more. I will also answer your general and personal questions live just like I would in a private one-on-one session. This is one of my most favorite parts, because I get to interact with your Higher Selves and give everyone a mini-reading and help from your Guides. The energy shifts during these QnA portions are almost tangible, and

I can not wait to help you get your work and your message out there with so much joy, fun, ease and no stress at all.

Everyone on the call will receive an MP3 replay link, even of they have not attended the call. The recording will be for sale after the event.

Duration: 2 hours ( from 1PM to 3PM central )

Cost: $21

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34 people are attending Advertising, Marketing, Branding: How To Get Yourself Out There

  • Alison Cooke
  • Alexis Buck
  • Veronique Lemay
  • Monica Mejorado
  • Jaci Sivley
  • Stacey Alspaugh
  • Gina McCants
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  • rita rodgers
  • Ragnar Kalland
  • ellen schultz
  • Johanna Ryan
  • Magali Garcia
  • Melissa Larson
  • Paula Rowe
  • Shae Ross
  • Elise Blok
  • hasnaa at-Tauhidi
  • Tisha Strabley
  • sally Ortiz
  • Lisa Rush
  • Katharina Oberlik
  • vesna sinn
  • Robyn Ringgold
  • katherine nani
  • Olga Martes
  • Darlene Blackwell
  • Nicole Schaffer
  • Heather Garza
  • Karen Simpson
  • Jennifer Rae McFadden
  • Cherie Marquez
  • Yasmeen Ali
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