EMOTIONAL MASTERY: How To Deal With Strong Emotions And What Gifts They Have For Us

Timing could not be better with this video! <3

When a lot of us are being called to clear our FEAR, pinned up ANGER, heal past TRAUMA to heal our light bodies, the techniques I mentioned in this video are invaluable. They are still to me, as along with you guys I am learning to master them as well.

The techniques I described have helped me see SO MANY PAST LIVES which allowed me to consciously recognize the lessons that those lives carried with them. But how did it start?

It always started by me feeling an INTENSE NEGATIVE EMOTIONS( sometimes I feel like this word does not to the actual intensity justice). Whether it came “out of the blue” or it was triggered by something in my environment, it always felt like volcano lava bubbling up inside my body ready to explode me and my poor mind that was trying to keep up with this wave intensity and trying to frantically figure out WTF? in million pieces.

After I finally found these techniques described in this video, processing of intense emotions became so much easier and smoother for me. Now, don’t get me wrong, the level of intensity of emotions stayed, but the peace of mind with which I am now able to meet these emotions, is my newly found friend.

So OF COURSE I wanted to share it with you guys <3 <3 <3

Now, that we are already feeling Wave X #3 slowly creep up on us, this could not be a better equipment for us to meet the remnants f what’s there to heal, and move on lighter, happier, more whole US.

Enjoy <3

Do you have any super techniques of your own on how to deal with intense emotions? Let’s share with each other in comments below!

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