Divine Partnership: What Is It And How To Get It

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Hi tribe <3

A lot of you guys are coming to me in sessions with the same question: “When will I finally meet that special someone?” 

You say: “I have been on this excruciating journey of healing and purging all alone and for so long now, and I have always felt that one day I will meet that special person to share my life with. I am 30/40/50/60 now … is he/she still coming?”

For a lot of people the answer that Higher Selves give is the same – when healing and purging is complete. Here is why. Because when we heal our traumas and unconscious patterns,  then we stop attracting people to activate them.  Because there are none left.

Some people, on the other hand, are meeting their divine partners now. In the middle of the cleanse. But in this case the relationship looks nothing like a divine partnership. It normally goes like this. You meet a person, and oh my! he/she feels perfect. They feel so familiar, like we have known them forever before this encounter. They feel like home, we ‘click” instantly, everything seems perfect. Until it starts bringing out a lot of pain  “out of nowhere”.  Things go sideways really fast and really intense, leaving you wondering: “Are they really the one?” In this scenario this relationship activates wounds. It triggers your deepest fears and unconscious patterns into the light of consciousness. In turn, making every single discomfort a gift of illumination, a gift of consciousness and transformation. In this relationship both people are triggered, both people work on their energies separately in their own way, and this union grows into becoming the divine partnership.

DIVINE PARTNERSHIP is when both partners are free of subconscious influences and traumas, when both are so rooted in the feelings of self-love and self-appreciation, that they do not need anyone to love them because they love themselves. From there they CONSCIOUSLY choose to be in the partnership for the sake of joy of togetherness. Hence it is no longer a subconscious wild attraction of unconscious relationship ( “I don’t know why but I just feel so safe with him” kind ), but a conscious union of two hearts that are complete on their own.

And here is the main point that I would like you to take out of this:

The road to DIVINE UNION from either of the scenarios is through an INWARD FOCUS. Focusing on self and learning to love and appreciate self FIRST. Learning to give yourself all that you feel you need from a partner.

Practicing this will either naturally destroy the current relationship and bring you into a new relationship that is a divine union, or will transform the current relationship into a divine union.


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I hope this video explains a lot of what you are going through and sheds some light on the progress. Like it, share it with your friends, subscribe to my blog an my YouTube channel, have a private session with me and let me know what you think in the comments.

Love, Katya Turner <3

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