DECEMBER 2017 ENERGY UPDATE: Grounding, Self-Acceptance, Light Heart

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Hi guys <3

I hope you are all doing well in these intense energies while we are wrapping up 2017, that seemed to have flown by in a blink. I have been going through a lot of intensity and a lot of changes myself, hence have been MIA for some time.

I have not done these energy updates in a very long time. But sh*t, the energies that we are in right now almost DEMAND being addressed. I mean, are you feeling the crazy? The only thing is, that this crazy can be absolutely amazing if you find yourself ( or place yourself ) on the right end of the stick. With this video I want to share with you some of the things that have helped me get on the good end of it to help you do the same.

In this video I talk about :

  • Radical acceptance and self-love
  • MAJOR grounding action going on right now and how we can shoot ourselves in the foot with our spirituality
  • Living with a light heart
  • AND I give you a TON of updates about my work, new services I offer, discounted sessions and more

Hope it is helpful to you as it has been to me. Enjoy!



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