DECEMBER 2016 ENERGY: Simplicity Of 5D, Heart vs Mind, Ascension Symptoms, Purpose

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Hi dear ones. What a month we are in ! While time is becoming more and more of a weird concept and it is hard to tell if we are a week or a day apart from the end of what we call December in our calendar, the collective themes are still very prominent. I see them play out in various ways through different clients in my sessions and in my personal life. And it is always such a fascinating process to observe!

Today we will talk about the major themes of December 2016 energy that are playing out in our lives at the moment and will continue to be prominent throughout the end of the month:

December is a month of 5D mastery, of clarity, or purpose, and of unbelievable speed and intensity. Before I recorded this video, my guides showed me this vision in meditation: the super strong stream of light, almost like wind gushing into our world, we are hanging on to tree branches and anything else that seems real and familiar, our legs dangling in the wind, and us just trying to hold on. That pretty much sums it up #facepalm 🙂

  1. Simplicity of 5D choices. This one is so much fun! Our guides continuously come back to us saying that we think and analyze ourselves into confusion, straying away from the core of any choice: our internal guidance. And what is that? It is that feeling of “rightness”, of well-being, of joy. It is our positive emotions, our curiosity, our interests. So no matter where we are in our journey, the answer to any choice remains the same: to say yes to yourself, to your heart, to your feeling good.
  2. Heart vs Mind. Here we are being presented with opportunities to observe how we make our decisions and what reality are we choosing for ourselves: the one that is dictated by the story our minds tell us, or the one that we feel is in our hearts but often does not make any sense at all. Do we choose to align with our heart and live from there, or do we listen to the story and proof our mind presents to us despite of fear it produces?
  3. Choosing Alignment Through Heart, Not Through The Mind. This point is very similar to the previous one, yet it is taking the same concept even further. We are being shown situations, where we know what alignment feels like, and we are being presented with two choices: get to that alignment by persuading our minds into it ( see my previous post on mind mastery ) or go straight for the alignment through the heart, through that feeling of rightness that has no proof whatsoever. But just go into the feeling and expand from there. Master level game, my friends!
  4. Physical Ascension Symptoms. Oh wow to this point! While the first half of the month has been very groggy, slow, us feeling very out of it, floaty, experiencing memory issues, this window of energy we are in right now is much more intense and painful.
  5. Purpose. This topic is huge for all of us now. No matter if we are completely stuck and have zero idea of what we might need to do in this life, or we are already in our purpose and are being called to move further, or are being re-directed, our purpose is looking us all in the face now. And it all has to do with the question: “Will you say YES! to yourself and your interests, your divinely inspired ideas, your joy?” The life we have always envisioned ourselves living is here for us, but it can only come to us by us allowing it in and saying YES! to our fullest self-expression.
  6. Uncovering Our True Talents And Abilities. This months is all about clarity, and this is another beautiful aspect we get to experience this clarity in. As we say YES! to ourselves, our ideas, our interests, we start seeing all that we are and all that we can do with clarity like never before.
  7. Walking Into 2017 With Peace. After much cleansing and purging,we are now finally beginning to feel glimpses of peace granted to us by our newly-found mastery. Life becomes much simpler as we learn to love ourselves and say yes to the energy that is working through us.

I talk about this and so much more in great detail in this video. I hope it brings you clarity, validation of what you have been and are going through, and inspiration to act and move towards your wildest dreams. They have arrived. They are now awaiting your actions.



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Love, Katya Turner <3

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