December 2016 Energy Forecast: 5D Living, Purpose, Focus, Open Unlimited Potential of 2017

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Hi tribe <3

What a ride has November been! Ups and downs, and learning, and intensity … But mainly, we finally started experiencing new exciting energies of moving forward, of freedom an joy of living in alignment. FINALLY 🙂 And to our great delight, I see only more and more of that in December 2016. The energies of December have been hitting me for the last week, and they have been nothing short of amazing, powerful, precise and intense.

Here are the main themes that I highlight in this month’s forecast video below:

  1. New Earth and New Way Of Being. We have been practicing for the last 3 months to live in these new energies, and now we are being called to fully LIVE this new way. From the heart, anchored in self-love, from the place of alignment and strength, focusing on that which we desire to experience in every new now moment.
  2. Living The 5D Way ( learning 5D tools). What I mean by this is: picking better feeling thoughts in the middle of the storm, focusing on and feeling what we desire to experience vs our current physical circumstances, filling the openness of the possibilities with our deliberate focus.

Here my guides keep laughing at me because I pick out the name “learning 5D tools” and they say that we are no longer learning, that we have been learning ( more like remembering) them for the last 3 months, and now we are being invited to live them. Every day, every new now moment. We are being called to sharpen and strengthen our focus on that which we desire to experience vs our physical circumstances, we are being called to practice our focus again and again, as repetition creates a new solid foundation for our 5D living and is the path to mastery. The energies of December 2016 will show us how subtle changes in our vibration influence our matrix faster than ever, so that we can quickly get a grip on our internal state and guide it with the power of focus.

3. Gates Opening ( 12.21.2016) With this phrase my guides have shown me huge gates opening and so much of white pure light flooding in. With this vision, I feel like we are about to experience another massive wave of light that will propel us even further in our growth and our purpose, and also will wake up a lot more people.

4.Expanding The Power Of The Heart By Loving All That Of The Lower Consciousness

5. Intensity Of Our Growth Will Stick Around, But The Quality Of That Intensity Is Now Much Different. We will be shown fast and intense all the places where we are in misalignment, where we have turned away from our truth so that we can quickly fix them with all the tools we have. Here is how my team explains intensity in these new energies. They say you have purified your energy body so much, that now even the most minor misalignment will be felt fast and deep. And now from your place of awareness and power you will be able to address that misalignment effectively and fast. We are still growing, we will keep growing, deepening our understanding and perceptions of ourselves and the world we live in. But how we grow now is way different than from what it has been even 3 months ago.

6. Self-Love Is Up For Mastery, And It Is In Our Face. We HAVE to master the art of self-love and inward focus, as it is the foundation of the foundation of the new way of living. It is the basis from which the new way of living stems. So in the month of December we will see this issue come up again and again, until we have mastered living from that place until it becomes an unconscious habit.

7. Shaping Your Matrix. We are learning how it works, we are being shown it with every fluctuation of our vibration, and we are learning how to master deliberate creation. Again, with the emphasis on focus and will.

8. Holding Peace. With what is going on in our political and social arena, we are being called to remain in the vibration of peace and unconditional love and acceptance for all those experiencing intense fear, panic, anger as a result of world shaking itself awake.

9. Purpose Is Up Front And Central. We are all being given amazing ideas, guidance, or simply acute awareness of the fact that where we are is no longer a match. In any of these cases, we are being propelled fast and intense into our purpose. And when we do not act on those ideas, we experience deep intense dissonance within ourselves, or see others act on those amazing ideas we just received.

10. The Pure Powerful Energies Of 2017 Are Here, They Are Getting More And More Powerful By The Minute, And They Are Wide Open. Wide open with endless possibilities for you to fill. Here is where we are being again reminded to use our focus and awareness to create that emotional blueprint of what we want to experience for the energy to fill.

[youtube id=”NZ7e50fj70Y” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]

So December does not mess around. We are being called to choose 5D and choose the new way of living in every new now moment. Powerful stuff, yet very exciting, full of beautiful possibilities and expansion through our purpose.

I hope this has been helpful. Like this video, share it with your friends, subscribe to my channel, have a private session with me, and let me know your thoughts in the comments. Also, keep an eye for the #PurposeCalls events I will be doing in December. This time it will be via Zoom, and all of you guys who are not on Facebook will be able to participate as well. And get a link to the recording afterwards. I can not wait to chat purpose with you and hopefully help you on your journey of living out your highest potential and accessing your personal freedom. <3

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Love, Katya Turner <3

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