How To Deal With Intense Ascension Symptoms

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Hi tribe <3

How are the solstice energies for you? Combined with the recent full moon, we are in the midst of crazy intensity of forward motion, emotional wipe-out, feeling the new and wrapping up the old, all at the same time. And in the context of the energies that are working with us now, today’s post will be even more relevant than when I planned it.

Today I want to talk about intense physical ascension symptoms we get to experiences from time to time. Ever since my activation in 2012, I have experienced everything starting from constant dizziness, intense vertigo, random panic attacks, electricity jolts through my body, heart and chest pains, lung pains, spine pains, precision and area headaches, nausea, complete wipe-out of digestive system, memory loss, numbness in either side of the body, tingling, heat patches, heat waves, cold waves, chills, kundalini moving up and down spine, and so much more.

At first, these symptoms were terrifying. I even once went to the ER with this constant dizziness I had to be only sent home with the verdict that I am healthy and they have no idea what might be causing this sensation. Later I grew to embrace them and flow through them with grace and (some) ease. 🙂 Some symptoms are just uneasy, some are uncomfortable, and some slice you down for a couple of days when you are stuck to bed without ability to move, talk, walk, eat or perform any other human functions.

So what is my take on all of these symptoms and how do I flow through them?

In this video I explain my key to relaxing into this process of transformation, my mindset that helped me float through it, and also name 3 practical things I do that help me physically, mentally and spiritually through any physical intensity. They are nothing fancy, nothing time consuming, they are so simple and easy, and they help me very time. But more so, all the things I talk about in the video help me make this process simple for myself.



I hope my mindset and my tips can help you on your journey of physical transformation and can help you make this process easy and simple. Like this video, share it with your friends and in your online communities, have a private session with me, and let me know what do YOU do to help yourself through intense Ascension symptoms in the comments.

Love, Katya Turner <3

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