Creation Of Human Race | Meditation + Channeling

Today my meditation was off the charts. I don’t have any sessions scheduled today so I was all sad in a way “ what will I see today” and boy oh boy it did not disappoint.

[On the days that I have sessions my meditations are normally starting with the information flowing for the client, and often times these are long and amazing meditations filled with concrete guidance, a lot of amazing encounters, powerful energies]

Here is a brief intro/sidebar. I have been watching The Pyramid Code on Netflix a lot lately. Why? Because it’s better than senseless shows and dramas, and news, and more drama. It actually tells pretty cool info, is very spiritually oriented and open-minded, has our friend Robert Bauval in it, has mellow music that puts my toddler to sleep, has a nice intellectual progressive calm vibe that I love. All these wonderful amazing reasons. And one more reason :

I have felt a deep connection with ancient Egypt ever since “waking up”. Well, I have always felt it, all my life, but started consciously recognizing it and somewhat seeking answers during this ascension period.

And the more I watched The Pyramid Code, the more familiarity I felt with the ancient Egypt. Never really sure why.

In this meditation I saw Egypt right away. And the words that came to my mind instantly was The High Council. I had no idea what that meant and started writing down everything that came, as it is now a good habit developed in sessions I do for others. I saw myself in Egyptian attire, with this long stick with a head of a wolf on it. I had long robe, and woman’s wig on. I had a very very high vibration. I was glowing with gold light. I was NOT a human. Around me I saw these beings with torsos of humans and heads of dog. And I felt this deep feeling of home. We were moving through the hallways of the pyramid and entered this large room.

anubis-free-484We sat in a circle in the middle of the room. We were planning for all humanity, the whole race. We created a ball of energy that hovered over the center of the circle we formed. It was a yellow/golden glowing all of light that had lightning-kind impulses all within. In the ball were all the possibilities for humanity that we programmed.

We were creating human race.

And I cried ( me-Katya – in meditation) as I felt so so homesick. I felt such pull, so much longing for those beings I was with. It was almost like I wanted to hug them all and say “I have missed you so so much!”

What came next was a channeling – now I understand that looking at my notes from meditation. But I was not just a receiving party but a sending party as well. It was as if I – the Full Multidimensional Me was dictating it to the human me. I knew this information coming through deep inside me as I felt like I was the one giving this message, explaining it to my human self ( man, this is tough to explain as I feel like there is barely any separation anymore between our Higher aspects and our human aspects).

“ We have high hopes for humanity. We program love and compassion to be the driving force of creation. Humans are meant to live and thrive in love”.

Now I saw us doing a ceremonial chant over this ball of energy ( this chant created a specific vibrational resonance) and the ball dropped and spread in these tiny pieces. And then it was done. We were back in space, at home, watching over humans on Earth. I saw us coming to Earth in our ships to visit humans, to correct our creation here and there, to assist.

“We are saddened to see where the human race went in its development, but we hold much love and care for humans. We are helping them wake up, ascend, and progress every minute. We are The High Council. We protect your planet, we hold the outcomes, and are assuring your success. You are moving along beautifully and we command you for your high efforts. We are The High Council and that’s it for today”.

Wow! What an unexpected meditation and transmission it was! I am just amazed how much more of my own abilities I uncover every day, how much more opens up every day, how much forward-propelling energy there is right now on Earth ready for us all to access it and use it for our individual and group evolution.

Do you feel the energies of this wave? How are they impacting you ?What are they helping you uncover? Share with me in the comments! And happy Tuesday <3

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