We Create A New Life In Every New Now Moment

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Hi friends <3

Today I want to discuss with you something very very special to my heart. It is this knowing that comes out of nowhere, that is always somewhere in the back of my heart, reminding me of HOME. It gives me that warm fuzzy feeling as when we think of our bed after traveling for a long time. The knowing is this:

We create an entirely new life around ourselves in every new now moment. And how we do it? By picking out our perception of the now.

Sounds complicated but it really is so simple. As in any new now moment when you stop and look at your life from the point of the observer ( learn to do it with this guided meditation ) we have a choice as to how we choose to look at what is in front of us, hence choosing how we feel about the now, and that shapes our future and our past encompassed in that vibration we choose in the moment.



Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments.

Love, Katya <3

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