Competition. Comparison. Self-Worth.

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Hi friends, I hope you all are having a fantastic Wednesday.

Today I want to address the topic that if very interesting to me. I want to talk about how comparison and competition can actually fuel your sense of self-worth. Sounds all backwards considering our recent inward journey and discovering our innate divine self-worth. But when you get to the bottom of it, just like with ego, there are two sides of the story.

And the reason being, is that we are not only the divine energy, but we are also HUMAN.

Let’s backtrack and get into the details here. So we have been digging for our divinity for some years now, we have found the God / Source / Universe within. But how many of you feel intensely connected to your inner divinity, and still are surrounded by lack, still find it impossible to ask for more, because you believe you do not deserve more?

Because it is not only your connection to the divine that needs to be mastered, but your human self as well.

Your personality, your habits, your beliefs. When we start accepting our humanness again, when we stop judging it, we can develop it into something bigger, closing the gab between the bigness of our Divine Source within, and the outer manifestation of it (us here on the ground).

In the last couple of years we have blown up our foundations to go within and find Source, find our Divinity. While we did that, we have dismantled our ego to pieces, purifying every little bit. We disowned it at times. We found that it was very contaminated by trauma, fears, negative societal programming. And after we have completed ( to a degree, I do not believe that this process will ever stop ) this inward journey of knowing ourselves in Truth, we now have to come back to the ground, and are essentially starting anew. Re-discovering our personalities, re-building our lives on the foundation of Truth. This is why it feels to so many of us that we are beginning new lives, starting again, because we are.

My recent conversation with my friend in Ukraine ( her name is Anya, I will be talking about her a lot, so it’s time you guys meet her 🙂 ) brought up this interesting subject. In this video I talk about how we still may be feeling like we do not deserve the job we want, like we do not deserve more money, more this or that. Because we do not fit the bar we have set for ourselves inside. The bar that is connection to out potential. And how we can use other people who already have it to fuel our own growth. To close this gap of inadequacy within ourselves and feel worthy, proud of ourselves, absolutely deserving of that which we want.

Sounds very simple, but I know that there so many people out there who look at comparison as a reason to judge and despise themselves even more, perpetuating a never-ending cycle of lack, low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness and not deserving of what they desire.



I hope it is helpful to you. Let’s start the convo in the comments, and have  happy Wednesday.

Love, Katya <3

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