The Easiest Way To Communicate With Crystals

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Hi tribe <3

In this short video I describe a very easy and fun way to tune into the consciousness of your crystals and have active communication with them. This technique came in a session for a client as a channeled advice from their Higher Self. But i have been using this all my life in respects to all the inanimate objects around me. And it works magically 🙂 The world around you comes alive and you really star seeing consciousness in all things around you. This can allow you to start perceiving more of your environment, as well as get more amazing insight.

When it comes to crystals, I know so many of you are drawn to them. A lot of us have paths and missions that are closely connected to working with crystals: whether it would be research, healing work, or our personal expansion and development.

You will love it, I know, as it is so easy and so sun. The key to this technique working properly is to TRUST what comes to you. Trust your feelings and images. And remember that imagination is far from what we were led to believe. It is a portal beyond the veil, and, when connected to the heart, can bring you the most valuable insight.


[youtube id=”HdgkJlWDtLI” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]


Have fun with this and let me know how it works for you. I love this technique so much, in respects to everything around us, I plan on teaching it to little children in my New Earth school. As I strongly believe that this technique in essence is not about “animating” the world. But rather by allowing the possibility to see that everything in the world might have a soul, a God spark, consciousness, we open up to actually seeing God in all.

Have a good day <3

Love, Katya.

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