Channeling Zeta Reticuli – Honor Your Body

Today I have encountered a completely new energy – so loving, tolerant, wise and accepting.

The Zetas came to visit, and for me it was a first. But so pleasant and interesting.

During the last couple of months I have been experiencing so many new interesting physical symptoms of Ascension, that in the vast majority of cases I completely gave in to whatever the energy was coming in the moment to make “the change”, “the shift”, “the upgrade”.

Some symptoms were more pronounced and disturbing then others, but some of the most common and ongoing ones were the lack of sleep, very broken up sleep, “work” during sleep, the need in a lot of food, very pronounced fluctuations in blood sugar which cause me to not have any hunger symptoms, until it hits all at once, and I am about to pass out or throw up or both. It has been interesting 🙂

This morning I got the message from my Guides that the process of re-building the physical body is indeed quickening and intensifying in a way, yet should reach completion in about a year ( which seems like amazing news granted I, and the majority of you reading, have been living with these bizarre symptoms ever since 2012 or earlier).

After my catching up with the Guides, I saw Zetas again and they came through with a beautiful message for us all:

We are the Zeta Reticuli. We come to you today with a beautiful message of love and appreciation. You in your world have been so diligent about the inner work that you do, you have looked at every trauma, past or present, you have cleared for yourself and for your beloved planet. Today we bring you joy and hope, as we are here to announce that you that are reading this message have transcended the rainbow bridge and find yourselves starting to ground into the New Earth.

You have arrived, dear ones.

We also come to you with a suggestion. If you find your sleep broken up, or when you find your body craving weird foods or food combinations, honor that process for yourselves without questioning it. Your bodies are going though A LOT at this moment as you are sprinting to the finish line. And yes the channel is concerned now with these terms, as truly there is no finish line in your soul expansion and growth, yet what we mean by that, is that you are hurrying to the completion of your crystallization, to you becoming the new version of Human this Earth has never seen.

Your bodies summon up all they have in your waking time to get you through safely, maintain balance as much as possible, to support your expansion, as they themselves are undergoing a head-to-toe re-build. So when your body is asking your for a particular thing, honor it. If you wake up in the middle of the night and are unable to fall back asleep, it is so because your body is better integrating the energies that are coming at that moment with awake consciousness.

Honor your body.

Sometimes when you feel you are needing sweet sugary food, when you thought you gave that up a long time ago, it must be so because your body is lacking in energy conduction and is asking for help. Honor your body. When you feel the need to touch plants, animals, dirt, do so, as your body is balancing the new incoming codes with Earth and grounding you more and more. Honor your body.

What you can do to help put your mind at ease, is talk to your body. Tune into your vessel and ask it:

“What do you need today? What do you require of me today? Let’s work together. I feel your unconditional love to me, and I love and accept you in return. I am here to listen to your needs and support you in your transition. I love you with all my heart – low and high. “

By slowing down and developing this ongoing dialog with your bodies, your journey to becoming fully embodied Divine Humans can and will become so much more smooth and enjoyable. You will be more accepting of the Divine Flow of the process, as you will feel no need to fight or question.

Until next time. With love and honor, Zeta Reticuli

What do you think? How have you been dealing with your interesting symptoms and your body rebuilding itself as you go? I would love to hear your stories and insight!

Love, Katya

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  1. Jane Smith May 28, 2016 at 5:24 pm

    Thanks for this information Katya, I have been wondering at my weird dietary habits of late, always seem to be HUNGRY!!! It has been of concern as I have been led to believe that we should be needing less food to make us less dense on the physical level. But this makes sense. And yes, my sleep patterns have been all over the place… huh? 🙂

    • Katya Turner May 28, 2016 at 5:26 pm

      Jane yea holy hunger spurts ! Wow 🙂 and I gave up on sleep it feels like. I just accept that it will potentially never be like it used to be ( it seems like we are merging everything into one fluid BEING) and it’s less frustrating this way 🙂

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