Channeling Tutankhamun – Dating of Pyramids of Giza, Power of Cats and Cosmic Alignments

  • Channeling Tutankhamun - Dating of Pyramids of Giza, Power of Cats and Cosmic Alignments

For as long as I can remember myself I hated history lessons with passion. Part of that was the fact that I had to memorize dates, and that just made no sense to me. I never realized why I had to remember when something occurred. And I still have a very weird feeling when it comes to time concept and how our society has structured it. And especially all  the importance that it is exhibiting in our culture.

So when the narrator of my beloved Pyramid Code started talking about dating the pyramids, my natural reaction kicked in with the eternal question Why? Why do you need to know when this happened if you did not even get to the core of What actually happened?

And that same day I received this transmission. And because it contains such exact and shocking facts I was very hesitant about putting it online. But then the same day I received a link in my email showing a very interesting dating of the Sphynx.  So I think there is a grander plan at play here, and here it all comes:

The Pyramids were built 2 billion years ago = 8 time cycles = 3 civilizations ago.

If you can say “ago”, as remnants of those civilizations are still present on earth. In Earth rather. When Annunaki arose, they hid themselves in the caverns and inner world of your planet, left open by yet another civilization.

Those beings carry the original vibration of creation, the original vibration and DNA we seeded you with.

Cats are also the carriers of the original blueprint. They hold the codes for you to attune yourselves to, to remember.

That is why cats were so big in Egypt. This knowledge was still alive. Cats activate you through your heart chakra. Transmission codes run through the golden cord of light that connects every heart on the planet ( heart is a metaphor in this case – every spark is a better wording, as it also includes plants.)

People who are around cats feel a much deeper connection to their core, to themselves, as they are remembering. They are re-activating.

The original pyramids were pure quartz. ( Talking about the Pyramids of the Giza Plateau.) Made from solid quartz slabs. They are now underneath a lot of layers of earth.

Later came pyramids made of brown clay – they were just marking the spot on which the transmittors were present. Later came the pyramids that you are looking at, and even they survived 8 million years on your surface. They have been resurfaced by multiple generations.

They serve as a multidimensional portal. They are activated by star alignments, and work with other pyramids on earth. When a certain star alignment occurs, it lets in a specific energy to your earth pyramid spots on earth – where they are located, and it open certain portals of energy. Specific ones for each star/planet alignment. They can only be understood with the profound understanding of energy and how it operates on multidimensional levels, but there ARE people alive on this Earth at this moment who hold that knowledge.

If you were to imagine this energy, this is how it would look:

a white beam of light hits the pyramids from the sky – the top of each. In tern, it connects through the core of the Earth through the pyramid grid to the Pyramid opposing this one on the grid, or the one coded in transmission (the Pyramid doesn’t have to be geographically located opposite the original one on the grid, but the information to activate that pyramid is coded in the original “beam of light”). When you find yourselves beside the pyramids at this time of activation, of light transmission, you can feel he energy buzzing around it with your physical bodies, and your devices detect the spike.

There are way more pyramids on/in Earth than you believe. They are hidden under civilizational levels of Earth, yet they still “work”. None are dormant. They communicate as a “community” of beings that also live on your planet. They are very aware of their purpose and mission, and carry it out with much joy and pride.

The knowledge you possess about pyramid structures upon your planet is very much distorted. It has been distorted by the Annunaki to keep you from knowing your power, to keep you from feeling your power – something that the Pyramid structures can help you achieve. It has been kept from you in order to keep you from feeling the connection to the whole world, connection to everything – again, something that the Pyramids can help you achieve.

– In which way?

– When you open your heart chakra on site of the pyramid in the time of the “light transmission”, it triggers your “memory” – the cellular memory of you as a species, the one programmed within you at the point of your creation.

It triggers your memory of connectedness, which to you appears most of the times as a knowing and feeling, deeper than ever. Throughout ages people knew of times and days when such alignments were possible and carried out rituals by the pyramids to make the “remembering” happen. Such people who possess this knowledge still exist on your planet, yet keep the knowledge to themselves, as it has been greatly misused by humanity.

People who travel around the world and feel these different energies of different places on Earth are starting to make connections, they are starting to understand and feel this ancient knowledge. But what they lack is, is actual knowledge to be able to process the feelings. That is why these transmissions are starting to come in for so many people these days, for you all to unite and restore the knowledge you were all meant to have about your home – your planet, and about yourselves and your power as the species. By coming together you can not only put together channeled materials, feelings, facts, and ancient wisdoms that are still kept by some people, but also form a community of people who will re-write history of Humanity for the generations to come.

We are very excited to be offering you this knowledge and we tremble in excitement in response to your feelings of alignment to this information.

More is certainly to come, and in the meantime – connect. There is a lot of you on this Earth right now who need to find each other and put these puzzle pieces together.

Until next time. –  Tutankhamun

These transmissions never disappoint, and this one definitely did not either. And what I am being shown starting with this post is getting so concrete and so beautiful, I can not wait to share it all with you. I do need to start drawing for that though 🙂 As it is getting so interesting that I might lack in words describing all of these interesting civilizations I see.

Do you know of anyone holding this sacred knowledge of energy and sacred astrology? Or anyone, whom similar information is coming through? Share this post with them, and let me know what you think in the comments. I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

Love, Katya <3

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  1. Katy-Jane May 29, 2016 at 2:52 am

    Hi Katya, lovely to connect with you, this really resonates with me, just wanted to let you know I always felt this to be true, I have a special connection with tuttankarman and cats.

    Namaste Katy

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