Channeling The Arcturians – Self-Love In The Time Of Collective Distress

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Good morning, my loves <3

What a wonderful and timely message came in this morning in meditation. Enjoy and spread the love!

Greetings, dear ones.

Today we wish to discuss your options when it comes to self-love.

Self-love is a subject that most of you hate with passion, as the idea of self-love takes you directly against all you have been taught about the need to be selfless.

Think abut this for a moment.

Why would one need to deny the self? As in denying the self you are denying the God expression though you?

So how are you making it better by denying the self in healing another or for the sake of another, if you are denying your own spark, your own essence, which is the Divine expressing itself as and through you.

Self-love is a timely subject. A radical subject needed to be heard and learned in your world by all. In the times of great collective distress and grief, self-love is the last thing on your mind. And it should be the opposite, dear ones.

In expressing the love toward self, you are in fact loving the heart of the collective.

In giving yourself comfort and love in the troubled times, you are in fact giving love to all. As we all have ONE HEART after all. We are all one.

So self-love is, in fact, the LOVE OF ALL.

– Ra, The Arcturian Collective

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