CHANNELING THE NORDICS: Telepathy, Mastery of the Mind, Ascension Progress

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Happy Labor Day, my loves <3 What energy is around us!

I find it very interesting to play with it, but I will make a separate post with energy update. Today I want to share with you the channeling that came through yesterday. It was a new encounter for me, as I channeled the Nordics. Their energy felt so familiar, and after seeing what they had to say, I see why. They are very much among us, and we all feel that energy from time to time, but not all of us are attuned and aware. The guy who I spoke with looked very human, with beautiful blond hair to his shoulders. In his forehead he had a crescent moon symbol ( interesting!). But his energy was nothing ordinary. While it was were familiar as I have recognized that I have felt it before, it was very strong, super high vibe, and the stream of it was so solid. A feeling close to what Pleiadian energy feels like, but more grounded and more “physical”, as if I could touch it and feel it with my skin.

Here is what he said:

We are among you but can not reveal ourselves yet. You feel us though. You feel passing by places we live in. And you feel this deep peace in those areas.

We communicate via a cuff on the wrist. It sends out energy jolts that our highly sensitive and highly attuned energy feels.

You are moving to the state of such sensitivity. To the point when your energy system will be so clear and sensitive you will be able to be telepathic and receive information trough energy waves and interpret in consciously in the moment. There will not be need for words. As the feeling will be enough to fully understand. Even now your understanding works just the same, but you think ( you were taught ) that you need to run the information through the cognitive element to fully comprehend it. When in truth this cognitive element distorts a lot of information you receive and align with. As it has been framed with programming and false beliefs you have been ingesting ever since birth.

When you learn to use your minds as tools and keep them idle when you do not require their assistance, you will know the feeling of the true knowing and the ease of reading information from the energy field. You will become easily telepathic, and it will not require verbalizing your transmission. You will communicate with energy, with feeling.

A lot of you are already doing so, some consciously and some unconsciously. But this is your not so distant future, dear ones.

Rejoice now as you have come so far in your development in such a short period of time. And in this now moment you are in the midst of another huge jump. And you are doing so well, we are so proud of you individually and as the collective. Even if you are reading this post in the midst of being overcome with fear, uncertainty, anxiety, If you are crying on the floor and just seem to have glanced at this, we are so proud of you too. You are in the midst of being striped down of old illusions ans expanded beyond your human understanding. You are making a tremendous progress.

We would like to finish by suggesting that you take your growth seriously and praise yourself for making even the smallest of changes, the smallest of movements forward. In this grounded feeling of self love and self-appreciation lies the heart of your evolution as a species. Carry on, dear ones.

I definitely vibe with speaking with feelings, and while the remembering the complete “how” can be a little frustrating, I can not wait until we are able to communicate solely thorough energy. Or predominantly through energy transmissions.

Have a good week.

Love, Katya <3

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