The Butterfly

Hi all <3 I am so excited to be writing this post and posting the video that comes with it. Lately, life has been all about letting go for me. Still is. It feels like an ever-changing transformer that drops unnecessary parts as it transforms. That is what I have been doing as well in all areas of my life and this video is a part of this process as well.     In the [...]

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Happy New Year, friends <3 In today's video I talk about how this radical honesty moment I have experienced a couple of weeks ago transformed my view of my life, of the craziness that has been happening in my life over the last 3-5 years, and most importantly gave me a clear direction to follow stepping into 2018, fully in truth and integrity with myself. It has liberated me from so much overthinking, losing my focus to [...]

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Feel The Hate, But Define What You Want

In December energy update we have talked about a theme of a new life that so many of us are living. It feels like we are starting over, again, in every area of our lives. It feels like we have been reborn onto this planet this year, but a planet that is home to a world we would never choose for ourselves. Where systems are backwards, where people don't live in their own truth, where the power [...]

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DECEMBER 2017 ENERGY UPDATE: Grounding, Self-Acceptance, Light Heart

Hi guys <3 I hope you are all doing well in these intense energies while we are wrapping up 2017, that seemed to have flown by in a blink. I have been going through a lot of intensity and a lot of changes myself, hence have been MIA for some time. I have not done these energy updates in a very long time. But sh*t, the energies that we are in right now almost DEMAND being addressed. [...]

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We Create A New Life In Every New Now Moment

Hi friends <3 Today I want to discuss with you something very very special to my heart. It is this knowing that comes out of nowhere, that is always somewhere in the back of my heart, reminding me of HOME. It gives me that warm fuzzy feeling as when we think of our bed after traveling for a long time. The knowing is this: We create an entirely new life around ourselves in every new now moment. [...]

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THE SHIFT And Welcome Back Into The Matrix, Masters!

Hi friends <3 What a powerful time we are in! We are shifting, changing, cleansing, being plugged back in - all at the same time. The energies of February eclipses were life changing, perspective-altering, shifting us on so many levels, that now everything that happened until now feels like a past life. It carries no major relevance, as we are NEW. Fully new. We look at our world differently, we process life differently, we show up in [...]

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MARCH 2017 ENERGY: Finding The Core

Hi tribe <3 It seems like forever since I have done an energy update, so much has changed, I have been through so many personal shifts, it feels like I am writing this from another life :) When I tuned in to ask my guides about the energies of March 2017, they showed me a volcano spewing out lava high into the sky where lava becomes fireworks. How amazingly accurate that is! After 2 weeks of allowing [...]

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NEW ACCELERATED TIMELINE: How To Ride The Waves Of Intensity

Hi guys <3 Wow, to the intensity of the energies we are moving into! I got to experience them ever since yesterday, and they have been nothing short of mind-blowing. They had me experience the highest of alignments, then feel absolutely drained, then cry for a couple of hours, then soak in a looooog salt bath to come back to kinda normal. Wow! Acceleration does not come without some discomfort. Or a lot of discomfort. But the [...]

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Andromedan High Council: Timeline Shift Through The High Heart

Hi guys <3 Today I want to post a beautiful channeling I have received from the Andromedans. They have been hanging around in my field for a couple of days now, so I knew they had something important for us. And indeed, the message came through quite loud and powerful. The reason why they are here at this time monitoring our collective progress, is because we are about to shift realities in a major way again, just [...]

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