GROUNDING – Resistance & Anger

Hi all. I hope you have been doing well, and I ... finally recorded a video for you. Yaaaaay! Again, I touch on the topic of grounding, highlighting something that a lot of us are going through - resistance and anger. For the longest time I experienced these anger & resistance, rage, deep sadness & confusion  without even understanding why. Recent sequence of events have given me somewhat of an understanding into the reason behind these intense [...]

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Hi all! I have been MIA for a while, not writing or making videos, ever since January. And later in this post you will understand why. But today I want to touch on a very important topic that seems to be relevant lately not only for me. I called this post THE grounding, because it is not going to be just another article about walking barefoot, spending time in nature and exercising. Instead, I will be talking [...]

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Feel The Hate, But Define What You Want

In December energy update we have talked about a theme of a new life that so many of us are living. It feels like we are starting over, again, in every area of our lives. It feels like we have been reborn onto this planet this year, but a planet that is home to a world we would never choose for ourselves. Where systems are backwards, where people don't live in their own truth, where the power [...]

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Relationship Mastery: Divine Partnerships, Sacred Union, And How To Achieve It

Hi guys! Hope everyone is well in these intense energies and you are managing to find you way into the good side of intensity and be in infinite love with yourself. Those of you who follow me on Facebook know, that ever since about a mont ago I got a nudge to start working with relationships - guide people towards mastery of the Divine Partnership. As before, I had no clue what these sessions might bring, but [...]

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How To Find Yourself Again

Hi friends <3 Today I want to talk about something that is so so very common during this Ascension process. Something we all struggle with over and over again. Something that is necessary for the process. I am talking about loosing ones identity, loosing the sense of self. How many times throughout this journey you stopped to think: I don't even know who I am anymore. You looked in the mirror and were not sure who you [...]

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Hi loves <3 Today I will discuss another very hot topic in the collective at this time. It is jumping timelines. I have received so many questions about my thoughts on the subject, and decided to put them out here for you. Not claiming that any of this is right or wrong, but this is how I see and feel this process energetically, and it makes a ton of sense for me. What I have noticed in [...]

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5 Simple Ways To Find Your Life’s Purpose

Hi guys <3 As we have discussed, 2017 is a year of expansion through purpose. This subject is hot for everyone now in one way or another, and will continue to be so all throughout 2017. Some people find themselves pressed against their own life under immense pressure to figure out what brings them joy and expansion, some people are asked to show up more and in a radically new way, some people are just now waking [...]

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HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF: Practical Tips, Techniques And Resources

Hi loves <3 I hope your Christmas was fantastic and the energies that are pouring into the planet right now are filling you up with hope, optimism, joy, and dreams for the future. My Christmas was filled with profound lessons, intense encounters with myself, and much joy and gratitude. And now I am happy to come to you with a video and a post that I was planing for a couple of months. For some time I [...]

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How To Get Through The Dark Night Of The Soul

Hi tribe <3 How many of you are in the midst of a depression, a life storm that seems to be imploding on you from all sides? How many of you are crying every day not knowing half the time why you even do so? How many of you feel like you are trapped inside an evil roller coaster and have no idea how to get out? If you opened this post, chances are, you can deeply [...]

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How To Awaken Others

Hi guys <3 How many of us were born into family and surroundings, where we looked around and thought with great confusion: " What are they doing? Do they not see what is really going on? How can they not see it / feel it?" I bet, the majority of us have pondered that question a time or two in our lives. And now, as we are awakening to deeper and deeper truths of ourselves and our [...]

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