Happy New Year, friends <3 In today's video I talk about how this radical honesty moment I have experienced a couple of weeks ago transformed my view of my life, of the craziness that has been happening in my life over the last 3-5 years, and most importantly gave me a clear direction to follow stepping into 2018, fully in truth and integrity with myself. It has liberated me from so much overthinking, losing my focus to [...]

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Competition. Comparison. Self-Worth.

Hi friends, I hope you all are having a fantastic Wednesday. Today I want to address the topic that if very interesting to me. I want to talk about how comparison and competition can actually fuel your sense of self-worth. Sounds all backwards considering our recent inward journey and discovering our innate divine self-worth. But when you get to the bottom of it, just like with ego, there are two sides of the story. And the reason [...]

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Feel Like You Are Moving Backwards ? HUGE INTEGRATION Is Happening

Hi guys, today I want to talk about such a hot topic. Massive integration that leaves a lot of us confused, worried, lacking clarity and direction. Over the last couple of months a lot of bizarre things have been happening with so many people. And a lot refer to it as “ I feel like I am moving backwards. Regressing. Going back in time to my old life”. Oh my, I get you! In so many ways [...]

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Why You Feel Huge Potential But Are Not Getting Anywhere

Hi guys, Today I want to talk to you about a very interesting subject to me. A subject that serves as a plague for the humanity at large. Something that prevents us all from living out our full potential, from feeling fully fulfilled, from being proud of ourselves and seeing tangible results. I have been wanting to write about it ever since I started producing my Purpose Calls video course. The reason is that I noticed so [...]

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NEGATIVE FEEDBACK: How Not To Let It Burn You Out And Stop You From Living Your Life Purpose

Hi guys <3 In this post I want to address a very interesting topic. It is an issue that stops many people from jumping into their life purpose, it demotivates a lot to the point of losing their passion and enthusiasm, it makes people question their own abilities, alignment, sanity. It is negative feedback. Judgement. Criticism.     How many times have you expressed your truth to get wildly criticized for it? It has happened [...]

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LIVING YOUR LIFE PURPOSE: Are Other People Holding You Back?

Hi tribe <3 Today I want to discuss something that has been coming through in every single session all last week and seems to be a very prominent  theme in the collective. It is relationships with other people, how they contribute and take away from the quality of our lives, and the concept of other people holding us back from our self-expression, from living our purpose, from being truly free. Have you ever stopped to think that [...]

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5 Simple Ways To Find Your Life’s Purpose

Hi guys <3 As we have discussed, 2017 is a year of expansion through purpose. This subject is hot for everyone now in one way or another, and will continue to be so all throughout 2017. Some people find themselves pressed against their own life under immense pressure to figure out what brings them joy and expansion, some people are asked to show up more and in a radically new way, some people are just now waking [...]

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