MARCH 2017 ENERGY: Finding The Core

Hi tribe <3 It seems like forever since I have done an energy update, so much has changed, I have been through so many personal shifts, it feels like I am writing this from another life :) When I tuned in to ask my guides about the energies of March 2017, they showed me a volcano spewing out lava high into the sky where lava becomes fireworks. How amazingly accurate that is! After 2 weeks of allowing [...]

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Andromedan High Council: Timeline Shift Through The High Heart

Hi guys <3 Today I want to post a beautiful channeling I have received from the Andromedans. They have been hanging around in my field for a couple of days now, so I knew they had something important for us. And indeed, the message came through quite loud and powerful. The reason why they are here at this time monitoring our collective progress, is because we are about to shift realities in a major way again, just [...]

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How To Become The Alchemist Of Your Reality – Practical Tips

Hi, dear ones <3 November so far has been all about conscious manifestation and focus. Whether we want it or not, the time has come for us to learn conscious creation, and we are being pushed there every day. It all starts with our deeper realizations about our reality, then it moves to exercising focus from your NOW moment, then it moves to conscious focus movement from deep within the discomfort I( in essence asking us to [...]

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How To Accept And Live The Full Power That You Are – MASTER TRIGGER

Greetings <3 So many of us on the planet at this time are MASTERS. Master energy beings. Huge very old souls. We have participated in creation of this civilization and have been involved in this Ascension process for a long time. And now we have decided to incarnate and help humanity IN BODY. And so many of us minimize that power within. HUGE MASTERS that act like we are not worthy of portraying that power. So many [...]

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What If I Don’t Have A Purpose? …And Practical Tips To Find It

This is such a common question in the Starseed community .. and in the world at large. So many people go about their lives, achieving everything society told them will bring happiness and fulfillment to only stop and ask : Is that it? Is this all there is to life? What about that power of huge potential I have always felt? What about my feeling that I have come to do something important? Where does that go? [...]

Learn Telepathy And Connect With Spirit – Easy and POWERFUL Visualization

What are your thoughts on telepathy ? What about psychic communication with consciousness beyond the veil? For the majority of us these concepts feel very distant. Yeah, some people can do it, but I am just not gifted like that. This used to be my take on it for years, until I discovered the following: Telepathy and psychic abilities are not special gifts for special people. They are a natural ability of every human on Earth. It's [...]

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NOW: It Is Time To Make The Waves!

Greetings <3 You know how so many of us have been living in a small box of what we should be to be loved and accepted? How we have been suppressing our true feelings, emotions and opinions for the sake of keeping peace and making people around us comfortable? WE have been doing it for so long, it has become an unconscious habit to act out of what we should say and how we should react. Now [...]

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How To Be A Happy Empath

Empathy and sensitivity. I have hated both with passion all my life up until earlier this year. I believed that it were these two things that  were a source of all my suffering: they made me different, broken, unlovable. It was my sensitivity that made my parents shake heads and sigh in disapproval and non-acceptance, it was my wide-open heart that was a target for ridicule of my peers, it was my sensitivity that made me see [...]

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October 2016 ENERGY FORECAST – Death Of The Ego, Forward Movement, Ancient Knowledge

Hi tribe <3 I hope all of you are doing well, and are welcoming the new exciting and intense energies of October. This post is going to be in a different format for me, as I have never done energy forecasts before. Neither was I much into them at all. But this month I decided to ask my guidance what is in store energetically for the collective in October 2016, and I have received a very clear [...]

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