How To Build A Successful Beautiful Brand & Website For Your New Earth Business Based On Vibration And Energy

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Hi guys <3

This is going to be a post that is outside of my normal repertoire, but a very exciting one for me to share. The reason being is that I have been a graphic/web designer for years, and have accumulated a lot of interesting knowledge and insight into this topic. Not only that, I have always been very conscious of how the process of making an energy and a feeling a physical thing works, and have analyzed and felt it down to the bottom and back in years of working with clients.

Recently I have been talking more and more to my intuitive friends, who are being called to step out and share their energy and talents. so many of them are brilliant energy masters, but when it comes to delivering that energy to the world, they dont even know where to begin. Especially on a tight budget.

Here is when I found such a well of information inside of myself to share with all people who are being called to step out and share the love that they are. People who are stepping into their missions but have no knowledge of how to even start presenting themselves and this newly found energy to the world.

And I am so so excited to share with you all I know about it! In years of consciously studying how communication works and happens, here is what I have learned and what I would suggest ( and cover in great depth in the video below  ):

Your logo, graphics and promo materials are NOT your brand. Your energy is.

The feeling that you invoke in people with your energy exchange ( would that be for goods or services ), is your brand. And the promo materials, graphics and web presence are supposed to reflect that feeling. Be the extension of your energy in form.

Allow your brand to show you what it is overtime.

A lot of the times when we are being called to step out and share our energy in this or that form we dont get to see the full picture. What we get is a series of nudges of what we need to do in any given now moment. Without a plan. Without a prediction. Without any sort of clear vision of what it is we are being asked to create. So allow your visual identity reflect any current energy level/feeling.

Start from the heart, not from the head.

Think in terms of “how this energy feels like?” or “how would you like people to feel when they experience your products or services? Start from this feeling. Instead of going our old age route of picking out a sellable name, a powerful jingle or catchphrase, trying to be seen and catch attention, trying to appeal to certain demographic. Don’t re-invent the bicycle, but reflect what is.

Allow your brand / website / visual identity altogether to change overtime.

Because it will. Try to not set boundaries around what this project is, how it feels, and how it operates. Instead, leave the ending open. Chances are, if you build a website today, and you feel a certain way about it and the work you do today, it will transform into something completely new in a year or less. This energy that is streaming through you for this New Earth mission of yours will grow, change, expand, and it might change completely in as little as a couple of months.

Your project, and consequently your brand, website, visual identity are the extension of the energy that you are.

They are a visual (audible, sensory…) representation of the energy that is working through you and with you to bring this Soul mission of yours to fulfillment. So let that energy, that vibration, that emotional experience associated with this energy be reflected in your brand. And we do so by physicalizing this energy, making it visual, tangible.

Physicalize energy / feelings / vibrations!

In order to do so in application to your brand / website / visual identity I suggest doing the following:

  1. Define feelings, vibrations, buzzwords that you associate with this energy. Define your emotional and energetic experience with this energy. This is precisely the experience you are sharing with your clients/viewers/readers/buyers.
  2. Pick all elements that go into visual representation of you and this energy through the filter of the feelings defined above. Ask yourself this question in regards to every element you are using: “Does this help create ___ feeling?”

Here are some elements that can help you bring this energy, vibration, feeling to life:

  • Header of your site
  • Images
  • Promo visuals
  • Typefaces used
  • Colors
  • Copy ( what copy you use and styles of writing )
  • Layout
  • Negative Space
  • Logo
  • Video
  • Special Elements ( symbols, sacred geometry, ancient symbols, light language )

Ask the above question about every single one of these elements. Do they help bring that feeling you are striving to reflect to life? Do they make you feel like that ? Do they help create this extension of your inner world that this project / business is ?

Remember that people will choose you based on your vibe way more than anything else.

Especially now that we are all becoming more sensitive and aware of our inner language and heart pulls. You will gain partners in this business based on the vibrational match, not on how well can you sell.

There are no rules as to how you need to express this energy.

If you wish to put a movie on your contact page, or make your about page tell your story with just photos, or textures and sounds – there are no restrictions. There is no judge dude sitting anywhere saying if you do not write a professional looking about page, you are worthless as a business. The New Earth business regards no projected image of something you think/thought you should be or look like. It is all about the pure expression of you and the energy that you are. So go wild. Go un-tethered.

Remember to keep it practical and user-friendly.

This is a real art-form to combine the previous point with this one, but it is, nevertheless, a possible balance to achieve. Whatever the element, make sure it is easy to navigate / understand / read, make sure it works and is functional, make sure it is easy to get the message. This is becoming a master communicator.

The energy of your New Earth business will always emerge first.

It will have a voice. A signature. A vibration. And the success of your public presentation will directly depend upon your ability to hear and recognize this voice, and even more on your ability to reflect it and follow its lead. And it will lead you. Not be led by you as we were doing it in the old paradigm.

So give in, my dear. Give in to the uncertainty surrounding this business and this energy, to its constant changes and expansions. The easier you give in to the flow of it and all that it dictates and is asking of you, the easier and faster you will expand into your Soul Mission, and the more beautiful and successful your brand / visual presentation / online presence will be.

In the video below I cover all this material in great depth, and if you are into the energy of communication and are relating to what you have just read, you will LOVE the video.


[youtube id=”22iIm5dX3DA” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]


As always, like it, share it with your friends opening New Earth businesses, subscribe to my blog and my YouTube channel, and let me know what you think in the comments. I would LOVE to hear your feedback and possible questions on this topic, as I have A LOT of knowledge and insight on the topic of conscious branding design, communication to share.

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Love, Katya Turner <3

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