The Book Of Truth By Paul Selig. Feel GOD Within

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It was late summer 2015 when I first came in contact with Paul’s work. My life was throwing me in the depths of the dark night of the soul. It felt like the walls of the world were crashing down on me wanting my death, my defeat. I found Paul online and The Book Of Mastery was soon in my hands. It felt like a breath of sanity, like a letter from Home. Capital H.

I was going through so much in my life, and that book had the exact answers I needed in the moment. It was like a breath of fresh air when I was suffocating. It gave me strength when I was at my lowest, filled with fear and panic. That book, together with weekly live streams, helped me through great turbulence, allowing me to feel, remember, and live my truth.

When there came a word about The Book Of Truth coming out next, there was no question I was going to get it. It felt like a drug, like a hit of Home with every sentence from the Guides. Every hit infused with power, simplicity and Divine clarity.

the book of truth paul selig review katya turner indigo diaries purpose calls ascension help spiritual awakening help Come May 2017, when I was asked to write a review of this book, I was ecstatic. Not only did I get to read the book I have been waiting for so long, but I also had another wave of turbulence in my life, and my mind craved answers. It was one of those points when your Soul is standing right in front of you and is showing you all your power, but claiming that power felt like giving up everything else. It was terrifying. I was ready for this book.

Looking for answers, I opened the book, but got something else entirely.

Late May 2017, my Soul search brought me to Kiev – my home town. Across the ocean from my family, kids, work, my life as I knew it all through the dark night of the soul. The Book Of Truth in my purse. I was there for only a week, and on the last day me and my best friend of 18 years decided to go to the Kundalini Yoga class that was all about women’s confidence. I desperately needed that at that time of fast change and uncertainty, so there was no question- we were going. I have never tried any kind of Yoga before, but intended to do so for a very long time ( 2 years now that I own this amazing turquoise Yoga mat – never used). I had no idea what to expect from a group transformation class like that, as I was never on the receiving end of it. I was always the one hosting, the one facilitating transformations and aha moments for others after I achieved mine in my own solitude.

We had a lecture / conversation part. And then we started breathing. Assuming this specific pose, the count for 11 minutes began. I did not expect these 11 minutes to be so life-changing.

At first it was really painful, uncomfortable. This stiff feeling was moving around to different parts of my body, yet I was still breathing along with the group. Then I felt waves of emotions come up: at first I was smiling ( not really me, though, it felt as if my Higher Self was smiling, observing me allowing all this energy in), then tears of surrender followed, then bubbly joy, as if someone was spreading champagne all through my blood stream.

And then I felt IT.

Such power, such unbelievable power, as though all universe was in my body. As If I was so much bigger than this physical world, as if I could do anything, because I was GOD. The ultimate I AM. I felt so much in my body, or so much of myself in my body, like never before. Not only that, I felt this amazing female presence inside my body, as if another woman entered. Incredibly loving, powerful, with a very unique energy signature. I think it was anpther part of me I never encountered before. I was stunned. All this accompanied by intense physical vibration of my whole body. From the base, through the spine, pushing pain and discomfort out, up to my heart, up my throat to my eyebrows. It was all vibrating with what felt like electricity current.

I sat up straight for the first time in a very long time. I felt the power go through my spine up and to all the corners of my body. I felt GOD in my body.

You might be wondering why am I telling you all of this. Here is why. When I picked up The Book Of Truth I was seeking answers. But what I got instead was an experience. Just like what I have just described. A remembrance of GOD within. The illumination of my own power, that once you feel it, can not be unfelt.

The pages of this book are so saturated with these power bombs, truth bombs, that the highlighter barely leaves anything untouched. When I read The Book Of Truth, I read and re-read so many sentences as they give me the feeling of God in body, just like that kundalini yoga experience. They speak to your core, to the depth of you, you might have forgotten exists. This is a book I never want to finish, as this remembering feels so good, so special, so empowering.

At this moment of my path it is no longer about the knowing, the understanding, the making sense. It is, instead, about the FEELING and BEING. And The Book Of Truth helps you achieve just that. The Divine Creator in body.

Thank you, Paul and The Guides.

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