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When you feel like life is throwing a curve at you that you are not sure how to navigate, when you are unsure, in doubt, in fear, grief you don’t know how to process, life changes that seem unexpected, or you are looking for your soul origins and life purpose, I am here to serve you.


On the day of the session, before the session begins, I tune into your field in meditation. Normally your Higher self is what comes through right away to navigate me through all the information and energy that is coming for you. Your Higher self presents me with all the information you need to know that is coming to you from the spirit realm, I take it all down. A lot of the times my Guides and your Higher Self will begin by showing me your current emotional state, what is going on at the moment that is bothering you and might be the cause of you coming to me. No matter what the situation might be, your Higher Self always offers the higher perspective of viewing what is going on, and also suggests practical steps you can take to navigate your life at the moment.

The myriad of things that can come through in the session are:

  • current emotional state and how to move forward
  • emotional blocks and how to deal with them
  • life purpose ( the current situation and which direction to move and how towards fulfilling your soul’s mission)
  • soul origin / progression ( you are shown to me in your original form, as well as your Galactic counterparts)
  • past lives to heal present trauma/illness
  • meeting your new/present Guides ( a lot of the times I am guided to guide you through a meditation of meeting your guides on the spot)
  • energetic blocks and practical tips from your Higher Self / Guides on how to work on them
  • mantras and positive affirmations from your Higher Self
  • light healing ( Pink “Love” light usually used for sacral chakra healing, Blue Orion Light to heal etheric body from past life trauma, Violet light healing, an any other modality of healing that Spirit suggests on the spot)
  • messages from the deceased loved ones, messages from your star family, elementals, God/Sourse
  • practical steps and tools you can use in your daily life to reach inner peace, fulfillment, joy, ease and personal flow
  • clarity of alignment that comes for every person in every session, and is undeniable and powerful

All that is coming during sessions is brought forth by you, for you, for your greatest good, and it is my great pleasure and joy to assist you in this process <3


  • We go through all the “pre-loaded” information that came in for you from your Higher Self and the Guides before the session and see together how to practically apply it to your life. ( The beauty of this pre-loaded information is in the fact that I have absolutely no idea about you and and your life, so I take down everything that comes “as is”. Later together we see what was possibly a symbol, and what was an actuality. It also gives you precisely what you need to hear from your Higher Aspect, vs what your lower mind wants to hear coming in to the session).
  • We go through your questions and concerns that normally are largely answered in the first portion of the session. I get guidance on the spot for you in these new areas of discussion. Although normally these two aspects of the session organically blend together.


The vehicle for the session is yours to choose – whether you prefer a phone conversation, or a skype session with or without video, or connection via Viber. Make sure to add me as a contact on Skype or Viber prior to the session and possibly shoot me a message to confirm our connection.


The times of sessions indicated by me are in Central Time, and it is suggested that you check with your time zones conversion at the time of the booking. Here is the converter that can help you.


The main tip I would give you is to be open to guidance and trust that what is coming is by you and for you. Also don’t sweat it. I have fun in every session and keep it very real, share A LOT of my own experiences and all ways I have learned to transcend my own blocks. If you vibe with what I write or my videos, chances are you will love and enjoy your session greatly. So just relax <3


Check out this handy page of FAQs I made for you or shoot me an email to and I will be happy to assist you in making this the best experience for you possible.




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