NEW ACCELERATED TIMELINE: How To Ride The Waves Of Intensity

Hi guys <3 Wow, to the intensity of the energies we are moving into! I got to experience them ever since yesterday, and they have been nothing short of mind-blowing. They had me experience the highest of alignments, then feel absolutely drained, then cry for a couple of hours, then soak in a looooog salt bath to come back to kinda normal. Wow! Acceleration does not come without some discomfort. Or a lot of discomfort. But the [...]

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Andromedan High Council: Timeline Shift Through The High Heart

Hi guys <3 Today I want to post a beautiful channeling I have received from the Andromedans. They have been hanging around in my field for a couple of days now, so I knew they had something important for us. And indeed, the message came through quite loud and powerful. The reason why they are here at this time monitoring our collective progress, is because we are about to shift realities in a major way again, just [...]

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Fear Of Interacting With Family After Awakening

Hi tribe <3 Today I want to talk about one interesting subject that touches every single person during their spiritual awakening. It is all the uncomfortable feelings around our interactions with family. It might be fear, apprehension, tension, resistance, anger, anxiety to just name a few. And all of them, let me assure you, are absolutely normal. As we go through the process of illuminating all the unconscious baggage we have accumulated over the years, we will [...]

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NEGATIVE FEEDBACK: How Not To Let It Burn You Out And Stop You From Living Your Life Purpose

Hi guys <3 In this post I want to address a very interesting topic. It is an issue that stops many people from jumping into their life purpose, it demotivates a lot to the point of losing their passion and enthusiasm, it makes people question their own abilities, alignment, sanity. It is negative feedback. Judgement. Criticism.     How many times have you expressed your truth to get wildly criticized for it? It has happened [...]

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January 2017 Energy: The Great Re-Shuffle

Hi tribe <3 In today's post I want to discuss one of the major themes that is playing out in the collective field right now. I did not even think I was going to make an update video this month, since my work is taking me all new places, but my guidance has been very loud when I sat down to record today's batch of videos. Not only that, I see now how all these ideas for [...]

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Hi loves <3 Today I will discuss another very hot topic in the collective at this time. It is jumping timelines. I have received so many questions about my thoughts on the subject, and decided to put them out here for you. Not claiming that any of this is right or wrong, but this is how I see and feel this process energetically, and it makes a ton of sense for me. What I have noticed in [...]

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PSYCHIC ABILITIES: How To Discover How Psychic You Already Are

Hi tribe <3 In today's post I want to touch on another topic that is hot hot HOT in the collective at this point. Uncovering of our psychic abilities. As we are receiving another massive influx of light, as we are accelerating incredibly fast forward and will be for the next week, the new wave of people who are being called to step in and guide the awakening ones are being activated. I have a pleasure of [...]

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LIVING YOUR LIFE PURPOSE: Are Other People Holding You Back?

Hi tribe <3 Today I want to discuss something that has been coming through in every single session all last week and seems to be a very prominent  theme in the collective. It is relationships with other people, how they contribute and take away from the quality of our lives, and the concept of other people holding us back from our self-expression, from living our purpose, from being truly free. Have you ever stopped to think that [...]

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5 Simple Ways To Find Your Life’s Purpose

Hi guys <3 As we have discussed, 2017 is a year of expansion through purpose. This subject is hot for everyone now in one way or another, and will continue to be so all throughout 2017. Some people find themselves pressed against their own life under immense pressure to figure out what brings them joy and expansion, some people are asked to show up more and in a radically new way, some people are just now waking [...]

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January 2017 Energy: Taking Action

Hi loves <3 I hope your New Year's Eve was fantastic, filled with joy, hope and optimism. I spent mine with family, watching NYC concert, which has now become a tradition, and chasing over a huge balloon yelling "mouse mouse" LOL Yesterday I did not only film the 2017 yearly energy forecast, but separated January 2017 energy forecast into its separate video, as the themes that are playing out now are very prominent and loud. Here is [...]

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