Why You Feel Huge Potential But Are Not Getting Anywhere

Hi guys, Today I want to talk to you about a very interesting subject to me. A subject that serves as a plague for the humanity at large. Something that prevents us all from living out our full potential, from feeling fully fulfilled, from being proud of ourselves and seeing tangible results. I have been wanting to write about it ever since I started producing my Purpose Calls video course. The reason is that I noticed so [...]

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The Book Of Truth By Paul Selig. Feel GOD Within

It was late summer 2015 when I first came in contact with Paul's work. My life was throwing me in the depths of the dark night of the soul. It felt like the walls of the world were crashing down on me wanting my death, my defeat. I found Paul online and The Book Of Mastery was soon in my hands. It felt like a breath of sanity, like a letter from Home. Capital H. I was [...]

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We Create A New Life In Every New Now Moment

Hi friends <3 Today I want to discuss with you something very very special to my heart. It is this knowing that comes out of nowhere, that is always somewhere in the back of my heart, reminding me of HOME. It gives me that warm fuzzy feeling as when we think of our bed after traveling for a long time. The knowing is this: We create an entirely new life around ourselves in every new now moment. [...]

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Wide Open Energy And Merging Of The Higher Self With The Lower Self

Hi friends <3 Today I want to talk about this emptiness of the energy field around us. My guides started showing it to me back in December of last year and now it is coming back within the new lessons and new deeper understandings of the process of Ascension we are undergoing. The energy we are in seems wide open, untouched, not pre-defined by anything, free for us to fill it. Inviting us to our mastery. And [...]

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ENERGY UPDATE: Mind Catching Up With The Shift

Hi tribe, Today I want to talk about something very prevalent out in the collective field at this point. And that is this middle ground between the shift and our mastery. In the past month we have all been through numerous profound  shifts facilitated by the energies of eclipses n February. We have changed on a very deep level, we dropped more into our bodies, we became more present, we caught a glimpse of our soul perspective. [...]

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How To Find Yourself Again

Hi friends <3 Today I want to talk about something that is so so very common during this Ascension process. Something we all struggle with over and over again. Something that is necessary for the process. I am talking about loosing ones identity, loosing the sense of self. How many times throughout this journey you stopped to think: I don't even know who I am anymore. You looked in the mirror and were not sure who you [...]

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THE SHIFT And Welcome Back Into The Matrix, Masters!

Hi friends <3 What a powerful time we are in! We are shifting, changing, cleansing, being plugged back in - all at the same time. The energies of February eclipses were life changing, perspective-altering, shifting us on so many levels, that now everything that happened until now feels like a past life. It carries no major relevance, as we are NEW. Fully new. We look at our world differently, we process life differently, we show up in [...]

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MARCH 2017 ENERGY: Finding The Core

Hi tribe <3 It seems like forever since I have done an energy update, so much has changed, I have been through so many personal shifts, it feels like I am writing this from another life :) When I tuned in to ask my guides about the energies of March 2017, they showed me a volcano spewing out lava high into the sky where lava becomes fireworks. How amazingly accurate that is! After 2 weeks of allowing [...]

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Katya Turner & Andrew Martin On Current Energies, Collective Fear, New Charka System, Expansion Through Purpose And Personal Lessons

Hi tribe <3 It is that time again that me and Andrew sat down to catch up on all this intensity that has been going on over the last week or more. Wow to all the lessons that we have been getting, to the intensity of all physical ascension symptoms and the speed at which it is all being directed towards us. In this video we talk about: current energies physical symptoms we experience fear out in [...]

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