How To Become The Alchemist Of Your Reality – Practical Tips

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Hi, dear ones <3

November so far has been all about conscious manifestation and focus. Whether we want it or not, the time has come for us to learn conscious creation, and we are being pushed there every day. It all starts with our deeper realizations about our reality, then it moves to exercising focus from your NOW moment, then it moves to conscious focus movement from deep within the discomfort I( in essence asking us to learn how to lift our vibration even from the most uncomfortable spaces). It has been an interesting process of discovery and practice for me, and I have definitely never felt more like a wizard than I do now. The more I practice conscious creation and switching my focus from the circumstances to that which I want to feel, the more I see physical proof of the fact that all of this is real 🙂

In this video I cover all the points that have helped me get on the road of learning and practically applying the power of focus in becoming the alchemist of my reality. I have come to figure some of them out on my own, and some were channeled in sessions for clients. These are the ground blocks, the foundation without which I would not be able to move to practice. It will especially be helpful to those of you who all of a sudden find themselves in a place where you feel like your reality is spinning out of control, that no matter what you do, you get random results that are not logical and you can not understand. Or for those of you who feel like all the old remedies that you used to have for your various discomforts or negative emotions no longer work. Let’s embark on this journey of conscious creation <3

Here are the practical steps to alchemy I cover in this video:


1. Ground yourself in belief that matrix is nothing more but a mirror of what is inside of you. A tool of reflection.

2. Look over your past: what have you created and how.

3. Observe what your focus creates NOW. Slow down enough to see that what you place your attention on grows exponentially. That you start getting proof of that instantly. And as soon as you shift focus you start getting proofs of that thing you shifted your focus to. EVEN if they are opposites.

4. Find proof of the beliefs you wish to believe. So in order for you to believe that you ARE in fact the alchemist of your reality you must find proof of such a fact:

a) that other people have mastered this ability

b) that your reality actually reflects your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

5. Write it all down, present it to your mind as evidence. Commit to a month of such an investigation and you will be amazed at how well you will have re-trained your mind to believe the opposite. You just have to stay committed to the practice. Like meditation.


[youtube id=”ZsbDINQAYXM” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]


Have fun with it, like it, share it with your friends, have a personal session with me, and let me know what you think in the comments.

Love, Katya Turner

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