Ascension Symptoms: Back Pain, Feeling Uncomfortable In The Body, Spine Re-Alignment

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Hi loves <3

November came in bringing us a TON of physical ascension symptoms. Starting from crazy vertigo, to electricity in the body, to pineal gland activating and expanding and other “head” work. One of the most common ascension symptoms that I see play out now in pretty much every session and in my own life is back pain, feelings uncomfortable in the body, constantly trying to adjust your back to feel better. All of these symptoms point to this: we are going through spine re-alignment.

Since so many people have come to me feeling this symptom, their Higher Selves have been suggesting interesting practical ways of coping with it and alleviating the discomfort associated with it.

In this video I talk about what is going on in the body energetically that is causing us to feel this, and also give you a beautiful channeled advice on how to flow through this process with ease and great speed.



I hope it is helpful to you. Like it, share it with your friends, subscribe to my channel, have a session with me, and comment below if you have found / channeled any other practical ways of dealing with this symptom.

Love, Katya Turner <3


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