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In my private intuitive sessions I always share helpful resources, as Ascension help is one of the biggest things I do. All of them I have used myself on my journey and have theme at my fingertips in sessions, and the Higher Selves of my clients conveniently remind me every time what to share to help the person I am with. In this post I gathered them all together.

What started out to be a short post with some helpful links, turned out to be a huge collection of resources along with my personal stories of how I overcame some barriers and transcended some blocks. In this post I cover topics like mastering your ego, emotional mastery, integration of multidimensional self, clearing your fears, healing the mother wound, healing your inner child, getting in touch with your true self, your suppressed feelings and desires, learning self-worth, self-love and more.

I have also gathered all the books, helpful websites, articles, YouTube channels, Facebook support groups that have been very important on my journey in hopes to help you with yours. I call this Ascension Help Kit – a collection of practical tools, insights, and resources to help you through your Ascension process.

Enjoy <3

P.S. This post is re-e-e-e-e-ally long. Would you like to keep it? Download PDF with all the links here. (Click on the download button in the upper right corner)


My ascension process started with a bang. It was year 2012, I met my future husband, got pregnant within the first month, which was followed by an abortion and a lot of fear and paranoia associated with it, a massive panic attack while driving to work , and a string of bizarre worrisome physical symptoms that never really left till this day. All the physical symptoms were accompanied by a ton of anxiety, founded and unfounded, fear of “what the F is going on”, and this feeling of doom, that creeped up out of nowhere.

I constantly felt like I was flying, like I was not really “fully there” or fully present, I had this crazy vertigo, as if I just got off of a roller-coaster, and I was so so scared of it all. I tried not to think about it as much as a could, but … well, you know how it is. I did go to ER once, to only hear that everything is fine and they can not explain my symptoms of constant dizziness and shortage of breath.

After that I kind of gave up. I thought: “Well, may be this is what my life will be like now, I guess I better learn to enjoy this awful state. I can’t seem to find any answers, so I will just try my best to live. ” And that is what I did for a year. I attended to my relationship, to my business that I enjoyed a lot, I tried to keep my mind off of feeling “off”.

As you now know, we started working with Dolores Cannon in 2013, which brought so many answers to my life. I was finally meeting people who were similar to me, who felt similar symptoms. At that time I was introduced to the word “Ascension”. I started frantically researching it, as I felt that is where my answers would be. And, indeed, I found a lot.

Shortly after that I got pregnant with my star baby, and the Ascension process has changed a lot for me. I was able to feel the higher vibration of my child and “use it”. I also had access to her higher perspectives, so it was amazingly easy to navigate our shaky life at that time. I seemed to have snapped into this peaceful blissful “Buddha state” , and stayed there all throughout my pregnancy and for about 3 months after.

After my baby was born, my vibration started slowly dropping to my own, my initial vibration. And that is when the actual work of Ascension began for me (or the part that I view as the hardest work of Ascension).

It was summer 2015, and it all started with mastering the ego. The situation in which the lessons came to me was excruciating. It felt like my life has turned itself inward on me to destroy me. In a way, that was exactly what was happening, but now from a higher place I see how needed and beautiful that process was. It was a huge family conflict that has touched me on more levels that I knew I even possessed.

Afterwards, the energies of Wave X #1 came in during September 27-28th, and it has really hit the fan. I started remembering.

I started remembering abuse, from this timeline and others, I started remembering past lives. They were so violent and so excruciating to watch at first, that I thought that I was loosing it at times. I saw myself kill children, kill my family, kill myself time and time over, in different scenarios, wearing different masks. I saw myself get hurt from all kinds of angles: physically, sexually, emotionally. I felt myself die over and over. I saw myself die over and over. And every past life watched had a lesson, and loving that past of myself back to wholeness made me, here in this life,  more and more whole. The more past lives I watched, the more multidimensional aspects of myself were revealed to me.

This process has carried into 2016, well into May. I had breaks, shifts and beautiful revelations in-between, but watching past lives and doing shadow work was my main occupation.

In April another interesting phase started. It was all kicked off by me starting to do my intuitive sessions. When just beginning to put myself out there, I was faced with so many fears and so many bizarre emotions, I had to meditate on them and see what was up. It was deep cellular memory cleansing. In essence it was also comprised of watching past lives, but this time it was so much more than just that. I had to consciously re-accept my mission, re-accept 3D limitations, my fullness trying to fill my body and live through me, I had to clear eons of time full of torture and alienation that had to do with to me being a fully connected embodied soul. It was tough, it always started with these huge outbursts of anger or grief ( emotions very alien to me, as I was never allowed to feel them growing up), and when I finally got a chance to sit down and meditate upon these confusing emotions, it was almost like my every cell was fighting with releasing those old memories, patterns, beliefs. My whole body hurt, as I was balling crying, re-accepting 3D, re-accepting my body, re-accepting my assignment, my family.

After this stage was done, a new one started, and it was all about re-integration of my emotional body, or inner child work. Here I had to slow down in the moment of experiencing a trigger, look back in my past to see when did I experience this first, and re-write the scenario so that the circumstances no longer feel bad or bring pain. This is a beautiful stage that shows just how many levels our triggers have, and how we are creating all of them for ourselves to become whole again, to integrate what we could not when we were little children.

This part is also very intertwined for me with healing my mother wound and letting go of illusory walls, that are holding us all down in this grip of patriarchy. Powerful stuff. In the midst of all of this, I am also being called to accept all kind of aspects of my shadow, my true self, love them unconditionally, and therefore accept and love my full True Self.

So in short, I’m in the midst of the process right with you.

In this Ascension Help Kit I want to share with you all the resources that have helped me transcend a lot of what I have described: books, videos, articles, YouTube channels full of good useful info, my insight, practical tips, higher perspectives offered to me by my higher guidance, as well as for clients in the intuitive sessions that I conduct. I will structure it just like I have experienced it, and if I don’t touch on something, you are welcome to ask me in the comment section, and I will add any tips and resources I have, if I feel like my insight would be valuable to you and the collective.

So, here we go.



Ascension – the process of raising the general vibratory rate of a human being by embodying one’s True Self (Higher Self) and allowing it to work as and through you. It works by accepting the higher vibration frequencies into the physical body, that transmute anything that is of a lower vibration back into pure unconditional love.


Ego is a personality construct that we create for ourselves to shield us from the pain of being ourselves. It is the persona we slowly become, as we see that being our true selves really hurts us. For instance, when a child is being authentic and shows love to an animal, but is consequently being ridiculed by his peers, decides that he needs to be tough and rough around the edges to be loved and accepted. This toughness now becomes a part of the mask he wears in society. A lot of the times (the majority) people use the masks and learned behaviors so much, that they forget their natural true response, their true beliefs and feelings, thus abandoning the true self in favor of the ego. And a lot of the times the fear of being hurt is so strong, that the ego begins to control all actions and thoughts of this person.

Mastering the ego (which feels more like a death of it) is often one of the hardest tasks. It seems like we have to give up who we are in order to survive, to keep relationships we cherish. It’s just that we are not really the ego, and that is what we don’t know in the moment, and that is what is making this process of shedding the “skin” so painful.

Here is why it feels like death. Our minds are great tools. They are built to ensure our survival (we burn our hand with a hot iron, we know not to do that anymore – the mind is there to remind us). So when we get hurt in life, our mind is right there to remember it, and never let us do it again. Even though it might have been the right thing we did. So we adopt new behaviors, new personality traits, new beliefs, to avoid feeling hurt ever again. And when we are being asked to drop that, our mind makes sure to warn us that we are not safe doing this. It feels like if we do it, the world will collapse onto itself, it will implode, that we will die. It is a normal function of our mind to remind us of that, but it is not normal for us to be controlled by it. Here is where mastery of the ego comes in.

We are being shown very clearly and in a very exaggerated way, what we do that is a defense, and not our soul working through us. And we are being called to drop it. Essentially to be willing to be hurt. So what I have found here, is that your willingness to be vulnerable and knowing the power of your vulnerability is the key. This is what has helped me through this process, and I hope it helps you as well. This is by far the best talk on vulnerability I have encountered online:

[youtube id=”iCvmsMzlF7o” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]



This, in essence, is a whole lot of remembering. For me it came as viewing past lives first. A lot of past lives. Hundreds. Sometimes 3 or 4 per meditation session. Every life had a lesson, something for me to become aware of, some part of me to accept, to love. Every single life had value to my wholeness: it added to me what I felt like has been missing, it explained my “unfounded” fears, my anxiety, worries. But the most interesting aspect was this: I watched an X number of past lives, after which I was introduced to my Arcturian counterpart. I saw the meeting and the merging ceremony in meditation, and it was unmistakably real. I saw myself on this Arcturian huge ship I have been seeing in my dreams for years, I saw what my occupation was on the ship, I saw everything there. And it all felt so familiar. It felt as if I was gone for a little bit and came back home.

After this I was faced with another set of past lives to watch. It lasted a couple of months, after which I was introduced to and merged with my Pleiadian counterpart. After one more month it was Sirian. After more inner work I saw myself as an Archangel, then a fallen Angel, then a waking up white Reptillian.

This is an on-going process, and with the inner work that I do, I am given more and more multidimensional pieces of my Soul to integrate.

Here is an Arcturian channeling that explains this process. And although I do believe that this particular process is not uniform for everybody, but this information might be invaluable in bringing the peace of mind for people going through it this exact way.

[youtube id=”m8TwLWSlYVg” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]



Shadow work is becoming aware of personality traits, past experiences that one would label as negative or unwanted, accepting them, and loving them unconditionally for being a part of the Soul expression that you are.

During this process you might see past lives where you were “the villain”, see where the pain in that life stemmed from, and heal that aspect of you from your higher perspective. ( For instance, you see yourself as a child molester, and you see how in your childhood you were molested by your father, and how that affected how you looked at the world and how you were growing up, how you quickly became the outcast, as what was normal in your home was not normal in society, how that produced pain, anger and frustration, and how the only way you found to hurt people back was exactly how they hurt you to begin with.) Or you might become aware of your own preferences, likes, dislikes, that might not be considered good or acceptable in your society.

In all of these cases, it is a part of the process to look your real self right in the eyes, and accept it the way it is. With all that would be considered flaws and negativities. Accepting ALL parts of yourself, and unconditionally loving them as an expression of God.

My Tips For Shadow Work:

  • Allow. I know how hard it can be to see it. Or to admit to yourself what you really want. It might go against all things holy that your family, church, and school diligently taught you. By allowing the images to flow, the true feelings come up, you stop holding the gates, behind which you held back all of yourself that did not fit in your society. You allow all of yourself. All of your parts. Me viewing past trauma was mostly (and still is) starting with “why do I have to see it”, but then giving up into it. I knew that I would rather watch it for 10 minutes and see what I have to see, than let it control me and make my decisions for me.
  • Write it out. Seeing violent images of yourself being hurt or hurting others can be very hard, and if one has never encountered anything harsh like that before, can be unbearable. The process of writing gives this energy somewhere to go, instead of being trapped and unable to move past the mind ( that naturally might not be willing to even accept the data it is receiving). Writing gives you an out. If you are seeing a violent past life or a timeline, just write what you see. It will naturally move this energy through you, while you will be busy writing down descriptions of what you see and how you feel. That way, you don’t block what’s coming, and see it to the end ( when you generally get the lesson, understand why you had to watch it, and it comes with a whole lot of relief). Similarly, if you are encountering the part of you that you were denying or unwilling to admit before, it can give you so much relief to write your feelings out, write your confusion out. A lot of the times confusion becomes clarity on paper (or in a Word doc). I have discovered automatic writing that way – I started receiving messages from my Higher Self and my guides and angels as I was writing. The answers started just pouring through, and I was understanding I wrote down the answer only after I wrote all I thought/felt.
  • Cry. Crying is a natural release, and can be helpful in this emotional process. If you are a girl,you probably got this part down. But if you are a guy, you might feel trapped inside yourself with all this craziness bubbling up to the surface. Create a safe space for yourself where you can feel comfortable letting it out. Trust me, now is not the time to concern yourself with whether your roommate thinks you are sane. Now is time to face it and accept it all. It is a home run to your own freedom and wholeness, so do whatever you have to do to help yourself emotionally.



Your true feelings, suppressed emotions, deep desires.

This is valid all through your ascension process and beyond. Whether you are in the midst of a “work day” (inner work), or are experiencing the shift into a higher frequency which feels utterly amazing, the practice of slowing down and getting in touch with how you truly feel is so important.

Even if you are well into your spiritual awakening, it is so easy to get caught up in the awesomeness and excitement of your new life, new aligned career. I suggest making this slowing down and checking in with yourself process if not daily, a weekly routine. Incorporate it in your spiritual hygiene, make it a non-negotiable of your day.

Aside from your daily meditation practice, I have another amazing simple tool for you. This video shows you how you can get in touch with the deepest corners of your soul by using only a mirror. And your intention to be patient and loving with yourself.

Have you noticed how a lot of the times when we look at ourselves in the mirror, we feel awkward. Like another person is looking at us. That feeling is a true sign of misalignment with our core. If we spend enough time looking in our eye, we find layers of unacknowledged feelings and emotions. When we did not take the time to process an event, or a change. When we decided to tough it out and not let our fears speak to us. When we have shoved the feeling of deep dissatisfaction with something far inside ourselves in the pursuit of external peace or someone else’s comfort.

All those times when we did not let our Soul truly speak, they are inside of us. And they are calling us to stop running from them, and look them in the face. Acknowledge them, accept them, love them unconditionally, like you would a child.

In this video Teal Swan guides you through the process. And the most amazing thing is, she does it in front of the mirror herself, creating a safe space for you to explore your inner landscape. She also guides you through encountering unpleasant emotions, teaches you how to be present with them, accept them, and let them lovingly speak.

When I watched this video for the first time and did the exercise as I was following the video, the end was magical – it felt like a light being has reaches through the eyes of my reflection, through my pupils , and hugged me, almost pulling me inside the mirror, inside of myself. It was such a beautiful moment of full acceptance of myself, my emotions, my desires AS IS. I deeply wish you to experience the same.

[youtube id=”8eHVH3iuRig” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]



This is one of the first lessons we learn in our ascension process, as it is integral to so much of this inner work. It is a huge one, but a very beneficial one.

Here is how I was learning it: sometimes I was faced with various negative emotions out of the blue. They were super intense, and often felt too much for me to handle. For instance, I would go about my day, and all of a sudden I would feel this anger building up, not backed up by any thoughts. It felt very disorienting.

As a child, I was never allowed to experience and express anger in any manner. Like many, I was taught that it was unacceptable, rude, mean. That it was the emotion only villains had. So I suppressed it the best way I knew how, and mostly that meant funneling that anger in any creative endeavor and letting the fire of anger fuel it. A safe strategy, yet not fully healthy. As I was still running away from it. I was never taught how to flow through the emotion of anger, how to accept it, how to figure out why it was there.

Similarly with fear. It is one of the most intense emotions that paralyzes us to our core. If we are not taught in the very childhood that fear is normal and how to navigate it, it rules our lives. From the very every day choices of going the safe route to work or trying this new road they built, to the major life decisions.

In this video I describe how to navigate through intense emotions and what wisdom and insight they can bring to us.

[youtube id=”kJF-uFhfzeM” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]



or Integration Of Your Emotional Body

This process can be one of the most painful ones, but definitely one of the most magical and rewarding. What it entails, is identifying emotional triggers that you encounter in your life, being present with whatever emotion they brought up without running from it. Asking the emotion when did you experience it first, and sitting with the emotion for as long as it will take to show you the memory of when it first occurred. Later changing the scenario of what occurred in your imagination into a scenario that would feel safe and pleasant instead.

This way, all the emotions you were not able to process as a child, will come to the surface for you to consciously integrate them. If it was immense grief you have experienced, now you are well equipped with sitting with that grief, allowing it to be, breathing through it for as long as it takes. Now you, as a conscious sovereign being, do not have to run from this intense emotion.

In this video Teal Swan shows you a beautiful process of how to acknowledge the emotion, how to remember when it occurred first, and how to rebuild the scenario into the one that feels good and safe. Not only that, she does it live in front of the camera with a subject, guiding him through the complete process. First part of the video is a lot of theory, but in the second half you will see the actual practical steps you can take to heal your inner child.


[youtube id=”c3V_Gtfr_YA” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]


What this process did, and is still doing, for me, was that not only was I able to get rid of so much anxiety and fears that interlaced my daily life ( and I did not even notice until I started working with it), but it showed me the true nature or our matrix. I could see day by day how my physical reality was shifting and changing in response to this work. How the reasons for the triggers I have normally experienced before on a regular basis faded away, is if it was magic. Even if it involved other people and their behaviors. It is a very interesting and immensely haling process that I wish every one of you to experience.



This one goes hand in hand with inner child work, but takes you in depths of your core and into deep grieving process for the mothers we did not have but longed for. And are still longing for.

It calls us to tear open our wounds and sit with the pain. The very fundamental pain. The very existential pain. Some of us were rejected by our mothers in one way or another, for some of us our mothers were not physically or emotionally available when we needed them most, some of us were not loved unconditionally as we were, some of us were abused, abandoned, forgotten. Some of us grew up with mothers who hated themselves, sacrificed themselves in the name of a fictional idea they were taught, and pounded the same into us for years. Until they finally broke our spirit and made us comply with their idea of how we the women, the mothers, the daughters should be.

Whichever the case, the wound is all the same. It is deep. It is primal. It takes us to the very beginning and essence of our existence here in this life. It takes us to the most vulnerable place in our hearts. To our first primal attachment. Or the lack of thereof.

When I was going through this process, I was in deep confusion. I could not understand layers and layers of feelings I was discovering that had to deal with my mother. I could not understand why I was feeling the way I did towards her, I could not understand why my heart was so closed.

Until I came across this one website and these articles I will list here. They have described this process so clear and so in-depth. It was very clear to me, that the main thing I can really do for my healing here is to allow myself to grieve. However long it takes. And allow this time to be indefinite, allow for this grieving to have the freedom to be.

It was a huge liberating decision. It got me out of my head trying to find every possible way of healing this “something” into my true feelings, that I never really allowed myself to feel.

Here are these wonderful resources, and I hope they help you as much as they have helped me:

  1. Why It’s Crucial For Women To Heal The Mother Wound –
  2. The Rupture Of The Mother Line And The Cost Of Becoming Real –
  3. When Shame feels Mothering: The Tragedy of Parentified Daughters –
  4. The Holy Simplicity of Sitting with Our Pain –

On this website you will be able to find so many more articles about healing the mother wound. It also offers a wonderful free e-book Transforming The Inner Mother. Amazing resource for this tough issue.



This process is very unique to everyone. As everyone’s cells are holding something very particular about that Soul’s evolutions, growth through lifetimes, everyone will purge different things.

For me it happened to be a lot of fears associated with living fully aligned with my being, and the influence of patriarchal structures and beliefs on the human collective.

I first experienced this process when I was asked to do the intuitive sessions. I did a couple, saw that it came very naturally to me, was really surprised and happy. With every client ( I took in one client a day) I got a “pre-load” of information during my own meditation that day. I would sit down to center and spend time with my core, but instead I was being bombarded with information for clients. I wrote it down, and presented to the client at the time of the session, which came with a ton of its own fears.

The information coming in was so concrete, that I was in shock and so much fear to even read it aloud. Imagine, if I channeled something very concrete about my client’s occupation and how to proceed there, and it ended up being something very different. Although it never happened, I was so very scared. Yet I loved the pre-loaded stuff, as I was also, secretly to myself, scared that I would not be able to channel any of this on the spot.

The array of fears was plentiful, yet I still showed up every time and delivered a banging session.

And then I was asked to confront them all head on. It started with me not getting any pre-loaded information for some clients. I was terrified, as that meant that everything had to be on the spot. That day I was stressing out much, and feeling so much anger brewing.

It was very unusual for me, so I tuned into to that anger, and I heard it speak. It was saying “I am so angry at God. Why do I have to do this again?!” Here I knew I had to meditate and give my attention to whatever was coming up.

This was one of the hardest meditations I had to date. But the one that yielded some of the best results and freedoms to be fully myself.

During the meditation I let that anger speak. And the sensations were off the charts. It was as if every cell of my body was fighting. I felt like every cell of my body held so much tension, and was in so much of a battle, that they all wanted to explode from within. It was so physically taxing!

I heard my cell memory speak: “Why do I have to do this again? Why do I have to be this aligned being, embodying my Highest Potential, if we have tried and look what happened!”

Here I was shown a string of past lives where I was this fully aligned human, fully connected to the Universe and my True Self, I was this alchemist, oracle, energy master. In so many lives I was serving others with these gifts, changing lives, connecting people to their personal alignment. And in every one of these lives I was either exiled, burned at the stake, killed, alienated, stoned… you name it. It ended badly in every one of them.

So now in meditation every cell of my body was fighting becoming this aligned energy master and serving people again. It was a deep purge of these memories from every one of my cells (and I definitely felt it on a physical level) and a conscious re-accepting of my mission, my alignment, my power.

So. Powerful.

And so liberating. At the end of the meditation I definitely felt a physical shift, a lightness in my being. And later in showing up for service, the personal power, the energy mastery, all that I have now accepted again consciously.

When it came to clearing the built-in programming of the patriarchal systems in my DNA, it came very differently, and much easier. In part due to the fact that it came much later into my journey ( just a couple of months later, but you know how even a couple of hours can have a significance of a year lately). It was mostly about recognizing that it was what I was seeing.

How it manifested, was this: one evening I reached a very weird conclusion. And that was: I am a complete failure. According to my own standards. According to my inner map, a good mother should have been always happy, confident, present. A good wife should have had children neat, house spotless, delicious dinner always on the table, be nuts in the bedroom. A good woman should have been well dressed, well-taken-care-of, aligned to her own power and confidence. And here I was: depressed with this parade of issues coming up and up and up non-stop for months, barely leaving the house, as I was not into contact with people, especially of denser vibrations, I hated to cook, spent most of the time in my head trying to figure out what is this next thing that came up for healing and why am I feeling like shit this time, down with a plethora of weird physical symptoms… I failed by all means. According to my own beliefs, I was a terrible mother, terrible wife, terrible woman.

That was a new low for me to experience. Coming to accept it all was the hardest, but arriving there was a lot liberating. And after I did, I was able to slow down and inspect these beliefs that dictated that I am now a failure.

I was trying to trace where they came from, and half of them I could not find the origins of. Some of them I have heard from my parents, some from my peers, some from TV. But there was a great portion of them that I have never heard before. So why did I believe them?

That is when I heard: “DNA. You are sitting here in the ashes of your own illusions, looking in the face of patriarchy that has shaped your thinking for eons. “

And I thought to myself, “Wait, but who has decided that a good mother is the one that puts her child first and sacrifices self for the sake of the child? How then do we teach our children to be empowered sovereign beings?” This belief I found within my own DNA was very conflicting to my new higher perspectives that I have acquired recently with doing all the inner work of my own and with clients” .

Here I had to consciously choose: do I keep adhering to the old beliefs instilled in humanity, or do I choose to create them based on my own alignment. Let them be against what people around me might still believe, but they would be in accord with my True Self.

It was a beautiful moment of clearing. The conscious choice to not be a slave of the old programming, and choose my own rules instead.

These were my examples of cellular memory clearing, but I know that for each one of you these will be different, they will come packaged in different boxes, they will all have different contents. Based on my experiences and on insight I get through my intuitive sessions, here are some tips for you guys on how to serf this wave with ease and comfort (or as much of them as possible).

Practical tips on clearing cellular memory:

  • Just like we have discussed in Emotional Mastery, when an intense emotion comes up – give it a voice. Sit with it. Experience it. It will talk. This is step 1.
  • Don’t be afraid of physical intensity. Your cells are purging years and lifetimes of trauma. You will not die of this process, but will become way lighter and will feel more freedom than ever. Being aware of what is going on can help ease your mind in the moment a lot.
  • Write off your intensity. Feeling angry? Write a WTF/hate letter to God. Write to him/her/it (however you choose to perceive this energy) why you are angry, why you are frustrated, write how you feel, write about your confusion about wtf is going on in the first place. Writing, as I mentioned before, can ease the intensity, get you out of your head and let your heart pour out all that it feels. It can bring catharsis and clarity, or it can just get you to the next step safely.
  • Ask for help from your Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters. They are always available to comfort you. I especially enjoy working with Mother Mary in the times that make me feel small, helpless and vulnerable. Her energy is so loving and powerful, she will embrace you as you ask, and help you through this difficult journey. Her energy feels like the one of the mother of all humanity, as if she is the mother to our all inner children within. With her you feel care, unconditional love, protection. I always imagine (envision) her appear before me and comfort me in the time of need, and it helps every time. What you can do to help you, is print out her image that you feel drawn to, or that brings you those feelings of comfort and love, and stick in on the wall in your bedroom. Or any other place where you prefer to do this kind of processing. You can make her image a background on your phone, so that she and her energy are always available for you.
  • Give up. You know those moments when you say in your head: “You know what, I am done. I give up”. Every time I do so or see others do so, I literally see their Higher Selves and light teams cheer and clap, as that is you and your lower mind getting out of the way. It is you stopping the fight against yourself and choosing to flow, even if into a complete unknown. Giving up is beautiful, it has so much grace and truth about it. Remember, in the end, it is your lower self with all the old ways giving up and letting the Higher Self lead. That is in essence what our Ascension is all about. So when you encounter tough things about yourself to look at, or when you are being bombarded with violent images from past lives and parallel timelines – give up.



Fears are tough. They punch us in the chest knocking the breath out of us. They squeeze our stomachs so tight, we can not breathe.They have a strong grip on us, as long as we allow them to. And we have been allowing for far too long. And if you are reading this, you know that now is the time to finally part ways with them. And I know first hand how tough it can be. Even just the realization of how many of them you hold. Then on top of the fears themselves we fear having fears, we fear the realization that we are afraid. All normal human stuff.

Clearing your fears is the process that will continue all throughout your awakening process, but there will definitely be a point, when the notion of fear will stand in front of you on its own, ready to be examined by you.

For me it came when I was reading The Book Of Mastery by Paul Selig which I reference later in the Books section. The Guides were talking about the fears we hold and need to confront, and honestly, this was the most dreaded aspect for me back then. As I was so afraid. But I could also feel the strength with which my Higher Self was propelling me forward, so I knew that there was no stopping here. I had to look them all in the face.

So what I did was, I wrote them all down. I wrote a list of all things that I was consciously afraid of at that time. And oh boy, was it long. I was so depressed looking at it, as I thought to myself: “This must take so much heartache and time to heal these”. My estimate was that it would have to take a year or so to clear all of them.

Before I could blink, in a month they were all done. I was either faced with situations or past life remembrances that made me look in the eyes of the fear. And in a way accept the scenario I was so afraid of. I lived it all in my third eye, I felt every single fear happen to me, and I accepted it. That was my liberation – accepting that scenario as a possibility and now knowing that I could survive it – now I knew how to breathe through it, cry through it, write through it. It no longer controlled me. And that was the main goal.

Later I was faced with more and more fears, or the same ones came back on a spiral to be looked at deeper. But I was not paralyzed anymore. I moved in the face of fear, knowing that I am liberating myself, instead of killing myself. I keep doing this till this day.


When you are being faced with your toughest fears, here are my tips for you:

  1. Make a list. Define your fears. Make them conscious and up on your front view. This can be a tough step in itself, as it calls for you being really really honest with yourself. And I know how tough it can be, but I also know that you are ready. If you have made it this far, you are ready to say fuck it and admit to yourself what it is that you are really scared of.
  2. Don’t get discouraged by the length of the list. Look at it as an intention that you put out to the Universe. If it helps at all, hide it for some time. I know how the realization of the body of work ahead can be daunting. Like looking at a huge pile of paperwork not even wanting to begin. Or last year’s taxes. When I was faced wit this issue here is what I got from Mother Mary: “Ahead of you is mountain of sand. And every issue brought to you is a sand particle. You probably don’t even want to begin to count how many sand pieces are there in the mountain, as you know it is a lot. When faced with your issues that are coming up for clearing and healing, take it one sand grain at a time. Focus on it, and only on it. Do not attempt to grasp the bigger picture. Where you are in your overall process. As your human mind is unable to accurately judge it. Instead, focus on the one sand particle only. As if there will be no more of them. Just this one in front of you. If you give your full attention to the issue at hand, you will move through this stage easy and with grace”.
  3. Sit with the feeling of fear. Let it be intense. Let it paralyze you. And then hear it speak. Let it show you images, let it tell you where it came from. The more you run from it, the more intense it will get to get your attention, so just allow the fear to be. Breathe into it, and it will show you what you need to accept.
  4. Accept the scenario.This can be the toughest part, but an integral one. When a fear of losing a loved one came up for clearing, my mom was having random health problems. My mind instantly made the connection with being so afraid of losing her. When I sat down in meditation to ask for help with this fear from my guidance, I was astounded at what I heard: “Will you let her die if her soul decided to?” She was not going to, but for me to clear the fear I had to fully consciously accept the scenario as a possibility using my higher perspectives. And as soon as I accepted it, the problems went away, and the fear no longer triggers me or controls me and my thoughts. Accepting the scenario you fear fully as a possibility, giving in to it, allowing it to happen if it needs to according to the Divine Plan written by your own Soul brings the greatest freedom, liberates you from the cage that fear had you in.
  5. Allow fears come back for review and deepening of your surrender and their understanding. We learn in a spiral manner. Everything we learn does not pass by all together, but comes back for more. Let’s say in one cycle you deal with fear of abandonment and you heal it and clear it, don’t be surprised if it comes back in the next cycle, but in a different form. Then with you having the basic understanding of it, it can ask you to look deeper within yourself, look at all the shades of this fear you might possess, show how it manifests in your life. May be you will be shown versions of this fear you held that you were not even aware of, but now that you are not afraid to look your fear in the face, it is brought to you for your expansion and freedom.



We all have this trauma. We are all taught that our self-worth is based on our looks, our achievements, our grades, the amount of money we earn, the label of clothes we wear, the make of the car we drive, the number of pounds we weigh, the information we know, the people we are accepted by, the color of our skin, the God we worship, the relationship we prefer, the country we were born in or live in…this list can really go on and on.

When I started learning self-worth, I felt completely worthless. I felt as if I was cut off from some source of love that everyone was a part of, and I was not. I could not justify my weight or value or worth in this world by nothing. I felt weightless, small, broken.

In my desperate search to find out what the hell was wrong with me, I came across this video, and it has helped me tremendously, as in it Teal Swan gives amazing practical tools to try in learning self-worth.


[youtube id=”8KQEZ4TXFzM” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]


I have tried the glass of water thing, and it yielded the most beautiful vision of me separating from the Source energy as an individuated aspect of Source. The moment of individuation. When I remembered and knew to my core that I am love, I am God. I decided to make this into a guided meditation for others to enjoy, which has turned into an impromptu channeling.


[youtube id=”2uaTsvriEAY” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]


Now that I am still learning this and studying this area (as all others, really) as the issue of self-worth comes up, I will leave this section open for future updates and more resources and insight.



This is an even more profound thing to learn. It is not really a lesson, but an art, a way of life. We are being faced with it every day. So. Many. Times.

Are we going to drink coffee or fresh juice we have been craving for a week? Are we going to go do laundry or allow ourselves to take a bath after a long stressful day? Will we stay at the job we hate, or will we take the leap of faith and allow our heart to truly express itself in the career it craves?

This is how I started learning self-love. With the art of tiny decisions. It has worked wonders for me and I have seen time, space, and physical mater bend again and again in favor of the decisions based on love.

For instance, I go about my day feeling down, depressed. I know there is an issue for me to explore. I really crave a meditation. Some short time to myself to clear whatever it is that needs my attention. But I also have a teething toddler who really really needs me. For comfort, security, love. I can choose to stick with my toddler, and tough it out. I would probably not be really present half the time, because whatever is on my heart is really bothering me. Or I could go, take 10 minutes for myself, and hopefully be better: for me and for her. I take 10 minutes. They do wonders. I come back after 10 minutes, feeling like I have taken 2 hours to myself: healed, lighter, ready to take on the day, ready to engage in play and be fully present.

Or the same toddler takes a nap. I do my work, and see that according to timing she will wake up any minute. But after this amazing meditation I had, I really feel like writing a blog. I feel like it could help so many people. I feel so inspired by the topic I want to share. I choose to write anyway. And by some miracle, the toddler stays asleep throughout all my writing. The blog flows so fast and so easy, that in 30 minutes (which should have been an hour or more) I am done, with images, and tagging, and all. Toddler wakes up as soon as I hit publish. Miracles!

This has happened on and on and on when I have noticed the power of small decisions to change all. Small tiny steps taken towards self-love resulted in complete change of how I feel, how my day goes, or sometimes how my career goes.

After that, I dove into a whole another aspect of self-love, and that is when I really discovered the work of Teal Swan. I started reading her book Shadows Before Dawn, where she shares her story of growing up a very extrasensory child in a religious family, being sexually abused for years, and learning to hate herself for who she was.

It rang so true for me. When I was reading it, I felt like time stopped and I was in this void of nothingness. I felt like God was reading this book to me.

The reason behind it is that I grew up feeling very similar. I was a very connected gifted child, but have learned to hate myself and my gifts for they were preventing me from being loved and accepted by my parents, friends, classmates. I have learned to hate what I saw and knew, I have learned to hate everything about me and strive to change it into what I needed to be like, look like, talk like so that I am accepted. If you are curious to read a complete story of my childhood and how I went from being born as an Ascended Master into an unconscious family and molding myself into the prison of smallness, be on the lookout for the first book of the series- Indigo Diaries. Am I Weird?

The topic of true self-love was a completely alien subject to me, when I started exploring it. Here is the video that helped me a lot in the beginning, as it broke the huge mountain into small doable actions. Simple, not always easy.


[youtube id=”zQHv75ahYDQ” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]


In this video Teal describes a cool little exercise we can do to rebuild our whole life on the foundation of self-love. One tiny decision at a time.

In the book Shadows Before Dawn Teal goes so deep into the aspect of self-love. She gives you so so many powerful exercises to do to be able to fully accept yourself, love yourself for who you are and have always been. A very powerful book that I will reference again in the books section.

If I gave you any tips on how to develop self-love, it would be this:

Self-love requires serious commitment. It requires you to choose it every day, every minute, every moment. So if you have trouble staying motivated or remembering to do the exercises, or whatever it takes for you to stay motivated: find mantras to listen to every morning. Here is a great playlist of mantras for self-love:

Post notes, set reminders on your phone, surround yourself with inspiration and make drinking out of this inspiration well be a part of your daily hygiene. Have empowering reminders as your wall art, follow people who you believe love themselves. And remember not to get down on yourself if you miss an exercise, or make a decision based on fear. Rome was not built overnight, and a huge process can be accomplished by a small steady action. Love yourself in your slip-ups, love yourself in your worst hour.

You deserve your love and unconditional support.

In the next section I will share with you all the resources that I believe are so helpful to the Ascension process: books, websites, YouTube channels. They have all helped me tremendously, and I believe can help you just as much.




Starseed Activation Kit - books - paul selig - the book of masteryThe Book Of Mastery |  Paul Selig

This is a channeled text all about embarking on a journey of self-mastery and claiming your True Self. Not only do The Guides explain various subjects with such precision and so much love, but this book works also as an attunement to the energy of the Truth, of your Higher Self. This book works as a catalyst to your Ascension: it mill make you understand, but then it will make you work, bringing you life situations to master what you have just learned. A book of incredible energy and power.




Ascension Help Kit - books - shadows before dawn - indigo diaries - indigo, ascension helpShadows Before Dawn | Teal Swan

This book is all about self-love. Not only does Teal reveal the story of her traumatic childhood, but also gives a number of simple exercises for you to develop the feeling and a habit of self-love. She explains it in a very profound manner, providing a lot of examples from her own life. The fist part is definitely vibration encoded, so if you are having trouble remembering your own experience of abuse, this book can definitely help you remember. And the toolkit afterwards is diverse and plentiful for any reader. Even the most skeptical.



Ascension Help Kit - books - light is the new black - rebecca campbell - indigo diaries - indigo, ascension helpLight is The New Black | Rebecca Campbell

This book is a light but profound read. It will strike a cord with so many people beginning their awakening journey, as it will support and encourage those Lightworkers already well on their way to the embodiment of their Higher Self. The energy of this book is magical, sparkly and light. As if your fairy godmother came to you with beautiful advice.





Ascension Help Kit - books - the power of now - eckhart tolle- indigo diaries - indigo, ascension helpThe Power Of Now | Eckhart Tolle

This book deserves special attention in how valuable the knowledge described in it is. It teaches you to cultivate the observer within, to dissociate from your inner dialogue, and transform your life from that of overthinking and worry into that of love and Being.








Ascension Help Kit - books - the completion process - teal swan - indigo diaries - indigo, ascension helpThe Completion Process | Teal Swan

This book is a brand new one, but the energy behind it is huge and transformative. In this book Teal guides you through the complete process from trauma to healing. She explains in great detail how trauma works and why we can’t get over things that we can’t get over, how our past trauma keeps manifesting in our lives and why. Then she shows the clear way of how to integrate the experience you were unable to integrate before to become whole again.



Ascension Help Kit - books - the book of knowing and worth - paul selig - indigo diaries - indigo, ascension help

The Book Of Knowing And Worth | Paul Selig

Struggling with knowing and feeling your self-worth? This book can definitely help. Here, similarly to The Book of Mastery, the Guides explain the concept of self-worth and attune you to the feeling of it, to the feeling of your true vibration. Beautiful book with much inner work and a lot of clarity.





Ascension Help Kit - books - miracles-now-gabrielle-bernstein - indigo diaries - indigo, ascension helpMiracles Now | Gabrielle Berstein

This book really has nothing to do with Ascension, but it is jam packed of practical tools of how to raise your Vibration, how to switch your focus from fear to love, how to get back from resistance into flow, how to bust through the blocks etc. It gives so many little hooks for exploration like kundalini yoga exercises and transcendental meditation. Super light read, and the book that you can open on any page any day, and find a helpful hint from the Universe.







The following websites contain so many powerful channelings, and all of them are updated regularly – some daily, some weekly, some monthly. Here you can find so many heartwarming and clarifying messages from beyond the veil, practical tools, informative articles. In times when you feel uneasy, insecure, or baffled by what is going on in your external world, you are sure to find some encouragement, inspiration, energy updates, Global Ascension updates and so much more. If you subscribe to these blogs, you will receive a notification of every post, ensuring some goodness in your inbox almost daily. These are so helpful!

  1. Golden Age Of Gaia –
  2. Trinity Esoterics –
  3. Channeling The Masters –
  4. Daniel Scranton –
  5. Oracles And Healers – Ron Head –
  6. Project Freedom Earth –
  7. Sacred Ascension – Anna Merkaba –
  8. Suzanne Lie Channeling The Arcturians –
  9. Love Has Won –
  10. Lee Harris –
  11. In5D –
  12. The Rainbow Scribe –
  13. The Lighted Ones | Andrew Martin –



These YouTube channels offer a very diverse range of info: from Ascension help, to energy updates, to explaining certain specific parts of awakening process, to help with transcending blocks, to ancient knowledge, to laws of the Universe. I find information posted on these channels very helpful, and I hope they they not only help you as much as they have helped me, but also serve as a start of exploring similar content.

  1. Victor Oddo –
  2. Lee Harris –
  3. Teal Swan –
  4. Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) –
  5. Katya at –
  6. TheImmortalityProcess –
  7. Spirit Science –
  8. True Divine Nature – Matt Kahn –
  9. Wisdom From North –
  10. Gigi Young –
  11. BasharCommunications –
  12. Doreen Virtue –
  13. Andrew Martin –



There are so SO many. So here I will just list a few, but if you start adding yourself to them, you will be suggested similar groups. These communities are so pure, so open, so heart-based, and I see and experience so much love and care from all members to each other, as well as lovely admins. A huge thank you to the people who created these groups, as it is such a lifesaver and brings so much peace of mind to meet people like yourself, people who are extrasensory, people who are empathic, people who are going through similar things as you, people who are intuitive and can help.



  1. Ascension & Energy Shift Symptoms and Changes –
  2. Ascension Symptoms Support Group – What are you feeling today? –
  3. Stillness In The Storm Group –
  4. Our Journey To Ascension –
  5. The Ascension Forum –
  6. Ascension Energies –
  7. Ascension, Phoenix Rising, Multidimensional Beings, Sacredness –
  8. Ascension – Transformation into 4D / 5D / 6D and higher –
  9. Ascension- Living in 5D and beyond –
  10. Portal To Ascension –


  1. Empath Indigo –
  2. New Empath awakening, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Enlightenment –
  3. Empath Energy Global –
  4. Lightworkers, Empaths, and Healers –
  5. An Empath –
  6. Empath Support Community –
  7. I Am An Empath –
  8. Empath Positive Support –


  1. Indigo Awakening Gathering –
  2. First Wave Blue Ray Indigos & Indigos Home –
  3. Indigo Children –
  4. Indigo Adults –
  5. Indigo Awakening –
  6. Indigo Adults –
  7. Indigos, Empaths, Lightworkers, Spiritual Guides And Peacemakers Unite –


  1. Pleiadian/Lyran fairy Kingdoms –
  2. The Starseed (Enterprise) –
  3. Arcturian Souls United –
  4. Pleiadians SouthEast –
  5. Starseed: Activate! –
  6. Light Brigade Of The World –

  7. Pleiadian UK –

  8. Arcturians -][- Sirians for Ascension –

  9. 144,000 Lightworkers For Earth’s Ascension –

  10. Arcturian Love&Wisdom –

Global Awakening:

  1. The World Of Light –
  2. Lightworkers Of The World –
  3. The Tribe Of One –
  4. Peace On Earth –
  5. Collective Consciousness Blooming –
  6. The Sun Will Rise In The WEST!!! –
  7. Enlightened Planet Solutions –


  1. Violet Flame –
  2. Namaste –
  3. So In Love –


Free Readings:

  1. Free Spiritual Water Reading And Healing –

In closing, I would like to share these videos with you. There are a lot of different variations and explanations for stages of Ascension or Spiritual awakening, and they all rang true for me on some levels. These two videos though give the most in depth in on point explanation of the three distinct stages of this process and have a lot of hooks for your intuition to tell you where you are.


[youtube id=”UvglEmkhpzY” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]


[youtube id=”h4UcPVPtOa0″ width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]


I hope these tools will serve you just s they have served me, will bring you clarity, inspiration, peace of mind and will fill up your spiritual tool box with more tips and techniques. If you know of more amazing resources that you believe could benefit people in their ascension process, email them to me at or comment below and I will gladly review them and add to the kit.

Want to know more about me and why i write? Read it here. If you like the insight I provide in my blogs and in my videos, you will LOVE an intuitive session with me. They are mega powerful and very fun. I would love to be of service to you

P.S. This post is re-e-e-e-e-ally long. Would you like to keep it? Download PDF with all the links here. (Click on the download button in the upper right corner)

Happy Ascension.

Love, Katya <3



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