Andromedan High Council: Timeline Shift Through The High Heart

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Hi guys <3

Today I want to post a beautiful channeling I have received from the Andromedans. They have been hanging around in my field for a couple of days now, so I knew they had something important for us. And indeed, the message came through quite loud and powerful.

The reason why they are here at this time monitoring our collective progress, is because we are about to shift realities in a major way again, just like we did in August. In this channeling they explain how we move closer and further from this new amazing reality we are about to jump into, and give us a powerful visualization process to access the energy of the High Heart.




“Greetings, friends.

What you are about to shift into along with the rest of humanity has not even been imagined quite yet. The reality that is ready for you will knock you off your knees in a good sense, but your human mind is still at works. It is still transitioning, you are still gaining mastery of it, finding new tools to manage it every day. And we applaud you. And now that said mind mastery is more important to utilize than ever, for you to shift into the right lane. Every decision, every thought, every little hint of a vibrational change move you closer or further from that reality.

With accessing your high heart on a moment by moment basis you open up the road to the new reality wider and wider, and at the same time you are making the chatter of your mind obsolete to your decision making process. As the heart speaks it erases all doubt, all that is not in line with what it is projecting. But you must be able to align into the stream of the heart.

How to align with the high heart ?

Imagine a big bright white light in your chest. It was never there before. Look around: you see your human heart, you feel its normal resonance, intuition that you have always felt. But right next to it, in the middle of your chest, is this new portal – it looks like a huge spark of light emanating its rays all over your chest and out. As you place more attention in it grows more and more. As it grows in its size it also grows in its power. Power to influence that which is outside of your body.

Feel as you focus on it, your ability to breathe deeper and more relaxed, as if your chest opens up wider. Feel this beautiful expansion, this feeling of spaciousness in your chest. Feel the God consciousness TRUTH stream right through that portal. Unobstructed. Raw. Untethered. Feel the power of that stream. Feel its permanence. It is never ending. It is ALL THAT IS.

This energy knows no ego, it knows no separation, it knows no doubt, and it does not hear the mind. It is whole in its purity and power. In its being. It does not strive to protect, defend, change anything. It is pure joy of being. Regardless of the form, time, space it chooses to flow through.

This power is available to each and every one of you, and this power is what will shift you into your new reality. And your job is to find access to it, to pave the road, and to take that road until it becomes a highway. The visualization process we have given you today is just one tool you can use to tap into this power. You can access it through your joy, through carefully picking out your thoughts to maintain your level of vibration, through visualizing and feeling your expansion and actualization.

We are here to oversee your next big shift, your big collective jump that you are on the cusp of. We wish you well and we are here to help you. If you wish to access our energy and our guidance, you can do so by visualizing number 3 surrounded by a mist of white bluish fog. It carries the vibration of our race and specifically the vibration we are here to bring to you at this point in time and your evolution.

We are here for your upliftment and shift.”

What do you think of this ? After I have received the channeling it has been making more and more sense to me as I have received countless confirmations and more energetic downloads on this topic. And the more I use the above channeled visualization and tap into my High Heart and the energy of Source through me, the more it makes sense to me.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, like this video, share it with your friends and in your online communities, book a session with me while the availability is still there, and watch out for #PurposeCalls in February. I will be doing one on marketing and getting yourself out there and one for the intuitive guides. I have so much energy and information to share there, as always.

Love, Katya <3

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