Align With Energy Of Money [VISUALIZATION] – From Lord Krishna

Happy Monday my dear friends <3 <3 <3

Today I want to share a special channeling with you that came in for one of my clients over the weekend, and I am sharing it with their permission. It is a beautiful visualization about money energy: how to feel closer to money to invite it in your life. I think it is beautiful and makes up a wonderful motivation and practical tool for us for the beginning of the week. Enjoy!


Greetings my beloveds,

It is me, Lord Krishna. I came to you today to give a special transmission. Today we are going to talk about your money and your relationship with money.

You want to have it, and you feel money is necessary to achieve your dreams, your dream lifestyle, but a lot of you look at money as if they are alien to you, as if they are separate from you, as if they are “out there” , outside of your energy circle.

This is the problem. Find space for them in your circle. But what to do that you may ask?

First accept money as energy. Just as you are energy consciousness, money is too. Just as you have a life, money does too.

Money energy can’t be a part of your energy if you do not believe it to be one with you. If you do not believe it to be of the same kind as your energy.

If you do not believe them to be organically the same. Benevolent, pure, kind energy.

For you to transcend this situation, you can visualize your energy field as if it was made of sand. You, surrounded by a bunch of sand. Now see money, as colored sand outside of your sand pile. Now make an “entrance” in your sand for the colored sand. Let it come in. Invite it as you would invite a friend you have not seen for a long time. A dear friend. A loved one. Invite it and give it a hug of appreciation. Now mix this sand with your sand, mix it to the point when you can no longer notice the color difference. Make it a part of your field. And say “Now you are a part of me. I accept you as a part of me. I accept you as my beloved partner and friend. Now you are a part of me.”

And sit with the feeling of money sand present in our field. At first it might be uncomfortable. But learn to sit with that energy and accept it for what it is, love it unconditionally. Let it be the way it is with you.

This should help.

Do you do any other money visualizations to help you align with the energy of this wonderful tool? Let’s talk in the comments below!

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