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Greetings <3

So many of us on the planet at this time are MASTERS. Master energy beings. Huge very old souls.

We have participated in creation of this civilization and have been involved in this Ascension process for a long time. And now we have decided to incarnate and help humanity IN BODY.

And so many of us minimize that power within. HUGE MASTERS that act like we are not worthy of portraying that power. So many of us can not believe that we are that huge and important because we have been conditioned that if we think of ourselves as powerful and special, we are selfish and in our ego and we think we are better than others.

The truth is, nobody is better. On our physical plane or on ethereal plane “up there”. But yes, there are souls that are older and wiser. And there’s nothing wrong with feeling that power and EXERCISING the power that comes with that feeling IN BODY.

That is what you have come here to do as a powerful old wise soul. Not to minimize yourself and play small.

That feeling you have felt all from your childhood that you are a big important powerful being never lied. It’s the system that told you that something must be wrong with that feeling that did.

Step in your bigness. Forget about anybody’s judgement. If you feel like you are special and you came here to do the big things, do them without turning around to see what everyone might think. Do not check back to see if they think you are too full of yourself to even attempt it.

Just exercise that power. Ground that power in your body every day in your Earth live. With your family, with your children, with your neighbors, with your friends.

Be that power. Be that big. Act that big. You have come here to do that.

In this video I talk about the feelings of a master in body, how to overcome the need to be and act small, how to find that power within and how to allow yourself to be that power every day.


[youtube id=”Tgzz_35tETs” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]


Enjoy <3

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Love, Katya Turner <3

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