5 Simple Ways To Find Your Life’s Purpose

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Hi guys <3

As we have discussed, 2017 is a year of expansion through purpose. This subject is hot for everyone now in one way or another, and will continue to be so all throughout 2017. Some people find themselves pressed against their own life under immense pressure to figure out what brings them joy and expansion, some people are asked to show up more and in a radically new way, some people are just now waking up and feeling this acute dissonance within them, as they can no longer go on with life like they used to.

Today I will be talking to those of you, who find yourself completely uninspired, who have absolutely no idea what your purpose is, who feel apathetic towards life, who do not even know where to begin looking for this special something other people keep talking about. I want to give you concrete ways you can go about finding the thread of your life’s purpose today. Right after you get done reading this post. And they are all waaaaaay simpler than you think.

1. Just do what feels good.

Too simple, you think. Here is how it is not. Our inner guidance is constantly guiding us towards our fullest expression, towards the actualization of our energy through a physical body, towards fulfilling our mission. But we do not hear it for many different reasons.

A: we live in society, and we ave responsibilities and obligations and bills and jobs. And all of this matrix has been so deeply ingrained in us, that we live in service of it every minute. We do not live for our pleasure, but we live to satisfy the system, to be able to remain a part of it, to be safe.

B: we have been trained to believe that living for yourself is selfish, and as long as we continue holding that belief, we will elude our purpose and freedom with everything we got. If we believe that making ourselves feel good will result in judgement, abandonment, we will run from ourselves with everything we got.

But here is what happens when you start actually showing up for yourself and answering the call of what you want to do. And I am not even talking about showing up for inspiration. As a lot of you reading feel none. I am talking about saying yes to you wanting ice cream for dinner, or having a bath instead of doing dishes, or getting takeout for dinner instead of cooking, or spending time alone when everyone around you seems to want you. When you start showing up for those little desires, you start training yourself to live from a place of self-love. You start training yourself to hear the voice of your guidance, the voice of your truth that we have all ignored for years. At first the voice is faint, and we can barely identify what it is that we want to do to feel good (in that case making a list on one of the good days of all things that used to bring you pleasure and showing up and doing one thing from the list per day could be huge), then it gets louder and clearer, to where we know in every new moment what we want. Whether that would be to walk out and end the conversation, or dive into a new book, or start a project, or quit a job, or change something about your daily routine that feels way off. We start hearing our heart and we start showing up for it. And before we know it, we find ourselves engaged in activities we wildly enjoy, without any effort.

That is how inspiration comes, that is how ideas come, that is how you become clear about what to do.  Is simply by following what feels good. Or, in other words, doing what you want.

So what I want you to do, is I want you to commit to slowing down and checking in with yourself in every moment: what would feel good right now? And do it. Despite your possible fears, despite possible reactions of others. Just keep showing up for yourself and watch the magic of your purpose unfold in front of you without any effort.

2. Ask your inner child.

This is a technique that got channeled for multiple clients back in 2016, and it has proven to be so so powerful. What you do is, you imagine yourself as a child. Remember all the knowing and confidence you had back then. Remember the power and conviction you had, you believed that you could do it all. You believed that there were no limits. You only saw your desires, and visions for the future. You knew exactly what you wanted to be and why. You had this fire in your chest. And one day you took out a piece of paper and you wrote this promise to yourself: “I promise that when I grow up I will ____” and you stuck it underneath the pillow. Now I want you to see yourself in your mind’s eye go into your childhood room. It still smells like your childhood. It has all your favorite toys. It holds all your memories. And I want you to take out that note from underneath the pillow. It has been waiting for you this whole time. It knew that NOW would be the time when you would read it. And I want you to read the note.

Powerful stuff. The more you can tune into yourself as a child, the more you can remember what it was like being you, the easier you can tap into the power of that knowing, the power of your own passion, the power of drive and inspiration.

3. What do you have to say now?

This is another immensely powerful techniques that can help you on your path right this moment. It is checking in for your strong opinions within yourself that usually go unnoticed in the midst of all the other life we do. These opinions and thoughts you express with passion and conviction usually come as a result of comforting a friend or giving advice, as a result of witnessing something happen that causes a string reaction, as a result of someone voicing an opinion and you feeling a string sense of dissonance or resonance to it. Think back through the last week: what episodes in your life made you feel the fire within your chest? What thoughts come up when you read this paragraph?

Here is another way of accessing the same information. Imagine if you had 5 minutes left to live. What would you want to say to your children or humanity at large? What would you want them to know that you have learned?

Here is another way. Imagine if someone would give you a microphone that would broadcast all over the world for the next 5 minutes. And you could say anything you would want the world to hear. No judgement. No consequences. No strings attached. You could just go wild. What would it be?

All these visualizations can help you identify your passion, your message, your values. Now it is just a matter of deciding how would you like to deliver these messages you have just uncovered.

4. Give yourself permission to do nothing and think of nothing.

I know, easier said than done. But doable. We live our lives in our head, in the constant current of responsibilities, pressures, speed. We are so stressed out to make it, to succeed, to achieve, to please, to keep afloat, that we barely ever slow down to do nothing. To give yourself permission to stop the race, to stop chasing, pushing, striving. And just be. Stare at the ceiling. Or the waves. Or the fire. And just be.

And the importance of such slowing down is tremendous, as it removes resistance from your field, removes unnecessary thoughts, and leaves emptiness to be filled by spirit. This is why we get great ideas when we are doing the dishes, or driving. Because during those activities we usually give ourselves that permission to just be.

5. Identify your biggest trauma.

I have seen this on and on with so many people, myself included. Our biggest traumas in life serve as a catalyst into our purpose. We suffered in childhood, and we will do everything to end that suffering for others. I was wildly misunderstood as a sensitive child ( just like many of you reading this, hence my passion to open a school for sensitive children where they are taught about their energy and abilities that later grew in my vision to change the education system at large). Someone’s traumatic experience of physical abuse as a child might fuel a passion to help children feel safe talking about their experiences or help other abusive adults go through the process of self-discovery and healing their own traumas. What touched you when you were a child? Where your deepest pain lies?

All of these techniques that I have described are so. very. powerful. But what it takes from you to actually benefit from them, is actually showing up and implementing them. We all tend to postpone our dreams. We postpone our feeling good. We discount our ideas, we think and think, and rarely do. These techniques are so very simple and it could be so easy to discount them, but try showing up for them for real, and you will see how fast your life can be transformed from apathy to passion and inspiration, from not knowing to clarity and drive. Mine was 🙂

I hope this has been helpful. This year is all about purpose, and this month is all about talking action on your guidance and inspired ideas, and I am so thrilled to be able to help so many people into their purpose by making my videos, doing my intuitive sessions, and now doing the #PurposeCalls. I have so so so many more techniques, mindsets and tips on how to find your purpose and move out of the place of dullness and uselessness into a place of service and value and fulfillment. And I will share them all on January 7th at 1pm-3pm central during the live call. I will also answer your questions, both general and personal, and give you guidance as I would in a one-on-one session. If you feel like you vibe with my energy and what I have to say, you will LOVE this call. You can register for the call here.



And in the mean time, like this post, share it with your friends and in your online communities, subscribe to my blog and my channel, have a private session with me ( there are still discounted ones available) and let me know how these techniques work for you in the comments below. I would LOVE to hear your stories.

Love, Katya Turner

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