2017 Energy Forecast: Expansion Through Purpose

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Hi tribe <3

What a year we have just been through! I remember it, like it was yesterday, I had a session with Andrew Martin on January 6th, 2016, and we were talking about all the crazy things that were starting to pop up in my life – remembering past lives, identifying fears and blocks, ego being challenged. It was so intense, so in my face, I remember we bitched for quite some time about what kind of a beginning 2016 was bringing us. I also remember my Higher Self pointing out that it was just a beginning. Yup, it sure was.

After that I had a year full of crying, releasing, becoming aware of my own traumas and patterns, of blocks and limiting beliefs, of pinned up anger, guilt, shame and grief. I cried pretty much every day releasing something new, giving up again and again every single day. It was a heck of a ride, where more times than once did I think that I was not gonna make it through, just because it was getting too intense. I was thinking my Higher Self has lost it putting me through this. LOL

But also what happened this year, was me finding my authentic self, my truth, my freedom of self-expression and being my true self. Something that I put on my vision board in the end of 2015, but barely believed was possible to achieve. I discovered the power within myself I did not even know existed, I remembered so much of my soul origin and made sense of so much of my energy. It was truly an enlightening year, even if intense. Without that year I would never be able to bring you these forecasts, updates, channeled insight, articles, videos, my private sessions. It was truly a gift, even if very well disguised. LOL

I started experiencing energies of 2017 back in November, and ever since then they have been amplifying in power, magnitude and clarity. And yesterday I sat down to channel what my light team had to share with us about the upcoming year. Here are the main themes they have touched on:


  1. They showed me a vision of a hiker climbing up the mountain. Falling, but climbing back. Very determined by newly found alignment with our truth and authenticity. What they meant by that vision, was that this newly found alignment with our authenticity that we found in 2016 will be the fuel for our rapid growth in 2017. We will be propelled forward a lot. Not without challenges ( hence the mountain), not without making “mistakes”. But the power within and alignment we discovered up until now will allow us go get back up quickly and keep going.
  2. They showed me a tornado, and us, lightworkers, inside the tornado orchestrating it to happen. We, the awakened ones, are the fuel for the change of the world, and us stepping into our purpose more and more in 2017 will create the tornado of change across the world.
  3. Refining our 5D skills. My guides said: “If you think 2016 has been a huge ump in your abilities, you have seen nothing yet. You were just talking out the garbage. Now it’s time to get to work and really let yourself spread your wings as a powerful creator you came here to be.” We will be learning more about how our matrix operates, how it is coded, how manifestation and conscious creation work, and we will be playing with it all, refining our skills as conscious powerful creators.
  4. Expansion through purpose. This topic  seems to be the central topic of the year. It will mean taking action on those divinely inspired ideas, saying yes to yourself and what your purpose is calling you forth to do, going deeper into discovering your power, cleaning house when it comes to all that is holding us back from letting our soul express itself. The further we go into our purpose, the deeper the cleansing will be.
  5. Still learning, growing, expanding, but now much easier because of the level of acceptance and letting go we have learned in 2016. Lessons will still be coming intense for us to notice and resolve quickly.
  6. Finding more gold inside. Here they showed me a vision of literally discovering gold treasures and coins in our chest. Here is how they explain it. We will be learning more about ourselves, which will lead to discovering new talents, things we are really good at naturally that we did not know about.
  7. Further DNA activations will trigger more memories, knowing and physical symptoms.
  8. Holding hands of those waking up. There will be more and more waves of those awakening, and us being in our power, shining the light that we have discovered in 2016, keeping our vibration high and our perception high, we can hold space for them to flourish into their power. We will hold peace and vision for the future. We will be the example that this transformation is safe and beautiful.
  9. Next was a vision of this infinite staircase leading into the sky. It meant this: there are no limits for what you can create. It is very similar to what me and Andrew have been discussing in our video chats, where we described 2017 energies as a blank canvas, ready to take in all that we intend.
  10. Abundance. There will be more and more possibilities for us to tap into the flow of abundance in 2017. But we will also be learning about it, defining it for ourselves, and learning new ways of grounding it into our daily lives.
  11. The year can go up and down ( like much of November and December ), or it can be mostly up – depending on how you choose to manage your energy ( intention, pre-paving, visualizing ).
  12. Moving. Changing locations.  A lot of people will move as a result of shifting into their purpose ( not because your lower self decided it wanted to and made it happen).
  13. Breaking of the old (on the global arena) and us, lightworkers, being really happy and feeling much relief about it.
  14. New structures are ready to take place of the old ones as they have been in preparation all 2016 and will come into full effect in 2017.
  15. Relief. This point came really weird. As I knew many of us are expecting and desiring it. So I wanted to make sure it was not the wishful thinking. But when I looked deeper in my heart, something clicked with this message. I think we all know it is coming, just based upon our alignment with our individual progress and individual energy. We will probably experience it all differently from each other, we might perceive in different terms, but the energetic signature of it is undeniable to be.

These are the main 15 topics that I was shown in regards to the energies of 2017 that I cover in this video in great detail.



After my meditation I also wanted to make a card spread. I don’t usually do this for the collective energy, but this time my curiosity won. And it was quite delightful and in line with what I have seen in meditation. Here it is.

2017 energy forecast oracle card spread - katya turner indigo diaries - psychic, intuitive, starseed activator, indigo ascension, ascension help, spiritual awakening help

Here we clearly read the emphasis on our purpose, following our intuitive nudges when it comes to our career and self-expression, speaking one’s truth, taking action. The next big point is the abundance factor and the success of our heart-based endeavors. And surprisingly even to me the card of relief came through as well ( Ten of Winter). Not only it feels like a relief to me, but also reminds us that we are still going within, deeper and deeper into our being and liberating ourselves of more weight and 3D junk.

Wow, what a forecast, and more so, wow to the energies that are coming for us in 2017. They support radical forward movement, they support self-expression and actualizing the energies of our Higher Selves here in bodies through us.

No wonder my guides have been keeping the #PurposeCalls for January. I will be doing 3 live calls that are all targeted at purpose. They will all include a ton of energetic info, tools on how to find and step into your purpose, exercises, visualizations, channeled insight, and quite possible your Higher Self might show up for the QnA part too to help me guide you in the best possible way. Keep your eyes peeled for the video and blog announcement. There will be only 50 spots available for each of the calls, so I know they will go quickly.

What do you think? Can you already taste the sweet power of 2017 that is here for you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Like this video, share it with your friends and in your online communities, subscribe to my blog and my YouTube channel, and have a private session with me. I would LOVE to help you one on one to live the life of freedom, joy and alignment.

Love, Katya Turner <3

P.S. #PurposeCalls are here !!! No wonder my guides were keeping them in until January! So if you are looking to find your purpose, clear your fears and doubts around it, and dive into life of freedom and self-expression, join me during the 3 live calls I will do in January. Here is where you can read more and register: https://indigodiaries.com/purpose-calls/

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